Intranet Features

Microsoft Exchange Integration

Sync your calendars

Our Exchange Integration module is an add-on feature, enabling a two way sync between your Claromentis digital workplace and Microsoft Outlook calendars. Our module streamlines calendar management and ensures you are kept up-to-date about the latest events and meetings – wherever they are added.

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Add events in one calendar – and they appear in the other

Your Claromentis digital workplace and Microsoft Outlook calendars can now work in synchronisation, meaning if you add an event or meeting in one place, it will automatically appear in the other.

Intranet Exchange Integration

Improved accuracy and meeting management

Because our Exchange Integration module eliminates the need to add events in two different places, meeting and calendar management becomes so much easier, helping improve the accuracy of event and meeting details – which could lead to unintentionally missed appointments.

Intranet Exchange Integration

Save time and streamline processes

Avoid duplicating your workload, and instead streamline your processes; our Exchange Integration module will automatically update event details in both calendars when they are only changed in one.

Intranet Exchange Integration

Broad compatibility

Our Exchange Integration module is compatible with a wide range of Exchange Server versions, including Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, and Exchange Online/Office 365, making it a suitable option for businesses of varying infrastructure.

Intranet Exchange Integration