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Intranet Polls & Surveys

Gain valuable employee insights with Polls & Surveys

Understand your staff better with our Polls & Surveys software, helping you uncover important insights into employee sentiment. Perfect for monitoring employee engagement levels or getting feedback on new initiatives, our Polls & Surveys app provides you with instant data that can be turned into actionable results, all within the home of your digital workplace.

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Track engagement levels

Send regular pulse surveys to capture valuable insights into employee engagement levels.

Allow anonymous responses

Get the real picture by anonymising feedback, letting staff and stakeholders share their true feelings.

Easily spot trends

See the wood for the trees with at-a-glance results and charts that make it easy to uncover trends.

Drill down into data

View individual employee responses to get in-depth metrics for detailed data analysis.

Track and improve employee engagement

Higher levels of employee engagement means better retention, increased productivity, and a competitive business edge. Ditch the annual questionnaire and send regular short surveys instead to keep a pulse on your employee engagement levels. Giving staff a voice will empower them to share valuable feedback on how your business can improve.


Get relevant feedback with custom surveys

Gather detailed insights into how your staff feel about any aspect of your organisation – from new product lines to your company culture – by building custom surveys that always ask the right questions. Choose from free-text, multiple choice, or single option answers to get different types of feedback; organise questions into sections; add engaging images; and create personalised “thank you” messages when staff submit their response.


Share one-question polls for instant answers

Get feedback, fast, by sharing a one-question poll to your staff. Boost participation rates by adding the poll to your intranet homepage, allowing staff to vote in a single click, and send a notification to alert people that there’s a poll to answer. You can choose to display poll results once it’s ended, or immediately for even quicker insights.


Keep identities hidden with anonymous feedback

When sharing sensitive or negative feedback, people can understandably be reluctant to voice their true opinions. Keep identities private by enabling anonymous responses, so you get a real representation of your workforce’s feelings. Staff will see a message when anonymous mode is enabled, providing reassurance that their feedback is confidential.


Analyse results with beautifully presented data

Spot patterns, monitor trends, and uncover data outliers with engaging graphs that make data analysis a breeze. Our data engine automatically aggregates poll and survey responses into at-a-glance charts, making it easy to interpret the results and take action. Need to dig deeper into the data? You can view individual feedback and export the results to CSV for further analysis.


Target surveys or polls to specific teams

Use our built-in targeting tools to distribute surveys or polls to specific teams, helping you get a higher response rate and more relevant feedback. Simply tailor your questions, select which groups or roles you want to target, and click ‘send’.