Healthcare Intranet

Intranet software for hospitals and the healthcare sector

Connect your dispersed healthcare professionals to one digital workplace and start working smarter. Complete with collaboration tools, secure community areas, and e-learning courses, our intranet software maximises efficiency so that your workers can focus on providing outstanding patient care.

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We’re a HIPAA compliant intranet vendor

Both our company and intranet hosting platform is HIPAA compliant, meaning we adhere to the security and privacy policies that are vital to hospitals and healthcare centres. With multiple levels of HIPAA compliance in place – from our company and hosting, to your healthcare staff and network – you can rest easy knowing that patient data is safe and secure.

Intranets for healthcare | Claromentis

Connect your healthcare stakeholders with extranets

Use our extranets software to build secure community areas that connect your external teams to your hospital intranet. Brand and design your community areas using our Pages intranet builder, and target important updates, reports, and training courses to specific stakeholders to provide them with the tailored content they need. 

Intranets for healthcare | Claromentis

Providing healthcare and hospital intranets since 2003

Our teams have worked with healthcare providers for almost 20 years, delivering and designing intranet solutions that connect decentralised teams to one digital workplace. Our software promotes a culture of collaboration within busy healthcare organisations, and centralises e-learning so that you can deliver cost-effective training in-house.

Intranets for healthcare | Claromentis

Improve healthcare policy compliance rates

For many healthcare organisations, it’s critical that employees comply with new and updated policies. Manage the full lifecycle of your policies using our dedicated Policy Manager, and use Claromentis Announcements to push important updates to your workers to maximise compliance rates. 

Intranets for healthcare | Claromentis

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Keep your documents organised and secure

Minimise the time wasted on searching for documents by securely storing and sharing your files in one central document hub. Our Document Management System comes with in-built version control, integrates with Google Drive, and provides a full audit of updates. Tailor document access rights to specific staff, teams, or roles to keep confidential files secure and increase accountability.

Intranets for healthcare | Claromentis

Find the consultants and healthcare professionals you need

Create, store, and manage user accounts using our People application. Build content-rich employee profiles where staff can endorse each other for their skills and specialities, creating a searchable database where you can find the consultants or healthcare professionals you need in seconds.


Automate healthcare processes with e-forms and workflows

Save your valuable healthcare workers’ time by replacing outdated paper-based processes with automated e-forms that contain built-in notifications, workflows, and reporting tools. Smart features such as automatic status changes and SLA timers ensure that vital healthcare processes are progressed quickly and with minimal staff input.


Collaborate and communicate within your intranet

Communicate with your colleagues across your entire healthcare organisation using our collaboration tools. From corporate social networking and project discussion areas to internal communications channels, your intranet opens multiple opportunities for collaborating with your healthcare teams.


Easy-to-use and intuitive intranet builder

Our intranet content management system, Pages, has been designed to empower non-technical employees to easily create intranet pages. Including over 40 intranet widgets, new pages can be built in minutes using the intuitive drag & drop functionality, to provide departmental landing pages and critical information to your healthcare staff.