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Intranet Applications and Features

All the intranet applications you'll ever need to support your teams

Our intranet software is packed full of intranet applications that will improve employee engagement, company culture, and internal communications in your teams. From social and collaborative tools, through to document management, intranet search, and knowledge sharing, every app works in harmony to give teams a digital workplace to call home.

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Social Intranet Applications

Our range of social intranet applications gives teams multiple communication channels for collaborating, staying connected, and building bonds – whether they work in the office or remotely.


Intranet Customisation Features

Turn a good intranet into a great one that has an intuitive user experience at its core. Our easy-to-use drag & drop content management system and intranet design tools empower non-techies to create a company intranet that perfectly matches your organisation’s needs.


Information Management Features

Ensuring your intranet content can be easily accessed is crucial for improving transparency in your organisation. Our range of information management features enables teams to share information in real time within the safety of your intranet’s private network.


People Management Features

Create a people-centric business platform with intranet applications that enable teams to personalise their profiles and win badges, as well as manage HR processes such as contracts and provide controlled access to external partners.


Productivity Features

Improve productivity in your business with our range of self-service tools that cut down on repetitive tasks and encourage autonomy – all the while saving time and reducing busywork.