Image Gallery Software.

Manage Corporate Images Securely

The Image Gallery application allows users to securely store and share corporate photos on their intranet. Through keyword searching and tag filtering, relevant photos can be quickly located and either downloaded locally or used in conjunction with the Intranet's Content Management System.

Upload Multiple Images in One Go

Intranet users can upload multiple images simultaneously and once uploaded, their images will automatically be resized to create thumbnail views. Intranet users can quickly browse the various uploaded images via a slideshow.

Upload Images

Image Commenting Area

User generated feedback concerning images within the Image Gallery application can be submitted via the commenting area. Comments can be in the form of requests for new or updated images as well as general questions.


Keyword Searches & Tag Filtering

To support intranet users with the quick retrieval of images, keywords searching in addition to tag filtering can be implemented. Tags are manually applied to images when they're being added to the Intranet Image Gallery.

Searches & Filtering

Assign Permission Rights

To enable intranet users to both view and manage images and albums, permission rights can be assigned to individual users and groups. Image gallery permission rights allow users to do the following: view images, add images, edit image properties, delete images and manage album tags and image collections.

Permission Rights

Personal Download Cart

The personal download cart, known as 'lightbox' allows intranet users with the appropriate permission rights to browse and select images from various albums before downloading. Once the intranet user has made their selection, multiple images are downloaded as a zip file.

Download Cart

Images for the Content Management System

Albums created within the Intranet Image Gallery can be made available in the built-in Content Management System. Creating a central location with specific albums for the use of intranet content publishers will ensure approved images can be added efficiently.

Content Management System