Retail Intranet

Intranet software for retail

Digitise your retail operations with intranet software. With more and more retailers operating stores online, now is the perfect time to make the move to an intranet. Align the retail customer’s experience with your backend operations, and centralise your communications, processes, and sales stats on the digital workplace.

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Collaborate on visual merchandising

Making your physical outlets look amazing is key for encouraging sales, from the shop front to in-store displays. And by centralising your communications with a digital workplace, sharing visual merchandising successes is easier than ever. Stores across the globe can upload photos of displays, provide advice, and discuss what works with our collaboration features.

Share product news and developments

Retail moves fast, and it’s key your frontline staff get up to speed. Share product lines and feature updates on your retail intranet to promote sales, enhance customer care, and encourage a knowledgeable workforce. Access to the latest product news is just a few clicks away on the digital workplace.

share product news and developments
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Capture and share your KPIs

KPIs such as sales performance and profits can be captured on the digital workplace, promoting transparency and an informed workforce. Our Business Process Management platform allows you to capture vital statistics, and can be displayed on the intranet homepage. Our intuitive built-in dashboards and charts provide staff with at-a-glance stats.

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It really felt like [Claromentis wasn’t] just some large company, but that [they] were a partner with us… [they] were there to help us understand and grow and learn our business as it relates to the actual intranet… I would definitely recommend working with [them] again.
David, eBay Enterprise

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Enhance the customer experience

Customers are the most vital asset of any retail business, and outstanding customer service can only happen if your staff are engaged. An intuitive digital workplace engages your staff with collaboration tools, corporate social networking, and inspirational content. An exceptional experience for your staff means an exceptional experience for your customers.

enhance the customer experience
centralise market research and make it available to the correct teams

Centralise competitor and market research

Knowing your competitors and target markets are vital for staying ahead of the game. Centralise all research documents and consumer profiles on the digital workplace to create an access-all-areas knowledge hub. Our Document Management System comes with built-in version control, allowing you to change and revisit historical data.

Efficient HR for your retail staff

Whether you have staff worldwide or within a single location, efficient HR is critical. Keep all employee data, including contract information and payroll details, within our secure People management app. Essential induction processes, such as customer service and fire safety training, can be handled with our integrated Learning Management System.

Efficient HR for retail staff