An intranet for all your internal hotel processes

Claromentis provide digital workplaces for hotels of all scopes and sizes. Whether you run a boutique guesthouse in the countryside, or a multi-regional hotel chain, our software offers a customisable solution for every need.

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Connect staff across all guest properties

Running multiple hotels across various locations can lead to fragmented communication. Connect your staff with a single integrated digital workplace to facilitate and streamline communication in one central space. All hotel staff, from the group manager, to housekeeping, and to the concierge, can communicate effectively using our corporate social networking tool Innovate, ensuring the smooth coordination of hotel management.


Improve knowledge sharing amongst hotel staff

Hotels require reams of specialist knowledge to be run successfully against the competition. Efficient knowledge sharing is the best way to disseminate information across your teams, and our easy-to-use Knowledge Base app is the perfect place to ask questions, post articles, and transfer knowledge in a central hub.


Online hotel safety training at your fingertips

Health & safety, fire hazard awareness, and food hygiene training are essential when it comes to running the primary functions of a hotel. Avoid the financial burden and time-draining costs associated with bringing in external trainers, and implement a comprehensive Learning Management System instead. Staff can take courses at their own pace at a time that suits them, ensuring they are never taken away from their vital day-to-day duties.

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Streamline hotel management processes

Automate your business critical processes to save time and enhance productivity levels. With our dedicated Business Process Management platform, paperwork need no longer be part of your vocabulary, with all essential forms online and ready to submit, audit, and report on. Each process can be tailored to have its own bespoke form and workflow, ensuring the efficient progression of hotel management procedures.


A secure intranet for your hotel

Our secure intranet solution ensures that all your information is protected. Our permissions engine, firewall technology, monitoring tools, and more create a secured environment for all hotel staff to work productively and safely.

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Efficient internal comms across the hotel chain

An intranet completely transforms internal comms – proven by our happy customer case studies! Communicate all vital messages, events, and company info across the whole hotel chain in an instant using our Intranet Platform. With apps such as News, Blogs, corporate social networking, and Announcements, your internal comms team have a variety of ways to ensure all hotel staff can be a part of the company voice.

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