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Corporate Intranet Social Networking

Connect your staff with corporate social networking

Our corporate social networking application is a core part of our intranet software, and enables intranet users to post comments and actively engage with their colleagues. Our corporate social networking application is a collaborative solution that allows multiple users to share information and easily communicate within a single integrated digital workplace.

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Intranet social networking tools for your organisation

Many organisations prefer to adopt a phased approach to the introduction of social features on their intranet. Claromentis fully supports this – our social application can be added at a later date, or removed completely – offering complete flexibility to suit your business requirements. Our robust permission system also allows organisations to pilot the social application to a particular group of users to establish its benefits.

Corporate Social Networking

Permission-based activity channels

Various channels can be created and controlled using the comprehensive permission system. This system allows intranet administrators to set up appropriate channels based on their organisation’s departmental structure or project teams. Permissions can be assigned on an individual, group, or role basis and ensures that relevant information is presented to the appropriate intranet users.

Corporate Social Networking

Personalised activity feeds on your intranet homepage

Our corporate social networking application comes with an accompanying homepage widget, allowing users to see updates and posts in real time. The widget can be configured to show posts from a certain channel, pushing only the relevant information to the team members who need it. Multiple feeds can also be added to the homepage for those who need to keep track on various team posts.

Corporate Social Networking

Add comments and 'like' posts

Intranet users can post comments into any channel they have permissions to access, with the author’s profile information, comment, and submission date displayed in the live activity stream. Facebook-like functionality, such as the ability to “like” posts, encourages collaboration and allows intranet users to express their ideas and opinions openly. A level of moderation can be applied as intranet administrators can edit or delete replies posted by other users.

Corporate Social Networking

Easily share documents, files and links

Intranet users can easily engage in conversations and request feedback from others by sharing links to internal documents or external sources. Teams can also collaborate and share knowledge by uploading documents, files and images directly into the activity stream.

Corporate Social Networking

Follow and tag employees

Helping to reduce the number of internal emails being sent, intranet users can tag fellow colleagues in posts. Tagged colleagues will receive an automatic notification, making it easier for employees to gain answers and start discussions with their coworkers. Intranet users can also follow each other so that information important to them is automatically pushed to their activity feed.

Corporate Social Networking

Benefits of using social functionality on your intranet

  • Reduces administration costs and resources by allowing users to publish and distribute information with just a few clicks.
  • Cuts down on the amount of internal emails sent.
  • Relevant information such as work deadlines, events and announcements posted in an activity feed can be shared amongst all intranet users.
  • Intranet users are regularly kept up to date on a number of important topics and issues.
  • Administrators can create a community extranet software portal to support collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Intranet activity feeds can be created by department, providing focussed discussions for teams.
  • The ability to respond and provide feedback to a previously posted comment allows for ideas and suggestions to be voiced and developed.
  • Each intranet user has their own online identity which enables them to take responsibility for their published content.
  • Intranet documents and links can be easily uploaded to guide users to important content.

Corporate Social Networking

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