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Design showing all of the business process automation features of Claromentis - Process Management, Automated Workplaces, Data Security and Privacy and Learning Management

Helping our customers work smarter

Infocapture really assists in providing good customer service to clients and employees, while keeping records of all necessary information.

Gilroy F.

(Mid-Market, 51 – 1,000 users)


We love Infocapture which allows us to easily build and automate complex workflows and business processes

Nick L.

(Mid-Market, 51 – 1,000 users)


Infocapture enabled us to streamline previously complex processes that involve multiple stakeholders, departments and systems. We have over 40 live e-forms in regular use, supporting us to administer a wide range of activities from internal recruitment and staff onboarding, through to data breach reporting and customer change requests.

Olivia D.

(Small-Business, 50 or fewer employees)


We have found the ease of use to be a brilliant quality of the software. The entire system has been designed to take away the backend complexities you usually face with an automated system. We have rolled out three versions of Claromentis, with a fourth in the pipeline thanks to its simple but effective design.

Tom S.

(Mid-Market, 51 – 1,000 employees)


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Supercharge your workforce with business process automation

Illustration of 2 people holding up a flashing Claromentis logo and a graph showing an upward trend

Optimise and automate complex business processes

Claromentis helps ensure that your processes are scalable, flexible and continuously improving. Automate complex, time-consuming workflows to ensure efficient execution with no errors. This lets your teams focus on more valuable tasks that benefit your bottom line, without distracting admin.

Simplify process creation with e-forms and workflows

Infocapture is a no-code BPA platform. With the right permissions, any non-technical business user can create powerful, scalable processes. Empower your teams to take ownership of their work, making them more agile, efficient and profitable.

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems

Reliable and simple to use, our platform integrates easily with your existing tech. Meaning you can create and optimise complex processes across multiple platforms from a single, centralised location. 

Infocapture can serve almost any business need with existing plugins available on our marketplace. But, our custom development team is also available if you need something more specialised.

Maintain process control, privacy and security

Comprehensive user-based permissions dictate who can create, update and carry out critical processes. Custom roles also let you grant different permissions for each automation project. All of which helps you maintain control over your operations.

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations

Prepare and pass audits with ease. ISO and HIPAA certified, our platform has compliance built into its foundation. Our customers can also access templates that can streamline compliance processes such as internal audits, lessons logs, and incident reports.

Manage process version control

Effective process management means tracking changes, who made them and why. Our product makes it easy to review a process history. It’s also easy to revert to a previous version if needed. This helps you view individual processes in the context of your overall business plan.

Gain valuable insights for informed decision making

Continuous improvement is only achieved through discovery and iteration. Our platform captures the data that allow you to gain critical insights into operational efficiency. You can view these insights via powerful native dashboards, or within exported CSV files.

Enhance collaboration and communication

Reduce the time and effort needed to process information and manage requests. This helps you encourage deep collaboration by letting teams focus on more valuable tasks.

Process Management

Two steps in a process powered by business process automation

Establish a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement. Find out how we can help you improve efficiency and profitability by empowering your people to do their best work.

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Automation and Productivity

A cog representing the benefits of business process automation on productivity

Discover how we help streamline complex business processes, saving time and paperwork with simple, no code e-forms and workflows.

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Data Security and Privacy

A padlock with two secure devices. Highlights how our business process automation platform is secure.

Security is the foundation of everything we do. Learn how we keep your business safe with strong permissions, encryption and single sign on integration.

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Learning Management System

An image showing users accessing the LMS platform. Shows how training can help implement business process automation effectively.

Effective training is vital to implementing business process automation. Ensure your workforce can create, update and implement processes using our integrated learning management system.

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