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Intranet software for in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies

Marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams are key stakeholders in your intranet project, using it for both an internal communications facilitator and a place for productivity. Our intranet software provides your marketing team with the tools for improving staff communication, increasing brand awareness, and aligning external and internal marketing strategies, whilst also improving productivity and workplace efficiency.

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Manage your external and internal branding

As a marketing team one of your main responsibilities is to manage your brand, both internally and externally. Our digital workplace allows you to efficiently manage and align external branding with your company identity. Information management, version control, digital asset management, and image gallery apps help to control branding assets in all of their various formats and file sizes.

Intranets for Marketing | Claromentis

Improve internal communications

Boost internal comms by leveraging news channels, blogging, announcements, notifications, and social collaboration tools within your intranet. Our drag & drop content management system allows your marketing team to target the right content to the right people at the right time, increasing engagement and readership of important communications.

Intranets for Marketing | Claromentis

Boost employee engagement

Modern intranet platforms are full of tools that really engage with staff. Claromentis provides a complete employee engagement platform with social networking, interactive polls, quizzes, surveys, forums, and instant messaging. Engagement is often one of the main KPIs on evaluating the success of the intranet, and your marketing team have key expertise to help with ensuring engagement is high.

Intranets for Marketing | Claromentis

Claromentis has provided us with a solution that matches our needs exactly and we are delighted with the uptake from our people and the flexibility of service provided.

Stephen, REL Field Marketing

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Measure marketing metrics and gather insights

Marketers accumulate and store a lot of data through surveys, Google Analytics, conferences, peer work, competitor analysis, and internal analysis. Our drag & drop CMS allows you to build and design your own marketing team pages and sites, to store and promote crucial data in one central place.

Intranets for Marketing | Claromentis

Automate marketing processes

Our e-forms and workflows software helps you to automate key marketing processes that need approval, such as external branding requests and content sign-off by senior management or clients. This helps you focus on delivering a successful marketing strategy, rather than spending time chasing for updates.

Intranets for Marketing | Claromentis