Franchise Intranet

Intranet software for franchises

Connect your franchisees with a centralised digital workplace. Containing business, social, and collaborative tools, our software provides your franchise with a central access-point to be productive, communicate better, and streamline processes.

collaborative franchise community

Build a collaborative franchise community

Create a collaborative community to empower your franchise network to share ideas and knowledge in real-time. Our corporate social networking app and collaboration areas will help you build a community-based culture that encourages staff to ask questions and share feedback to their franchisee partners.

Invest in professional development

Ensure every franchisee is delivering your business consistently and to a high standard by investing in professional development. Use our SCORM-compliant e-learning software to build courses, quizzes, and training events that will boost knowledge, engage workers, and encourage personal growth.

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24/7 access to important documentation

Access documents and information 24/7

Centralise your franchise files, marketing materials, and employee handbooks with our Document Management System. Using the built-in permissions engine you can configure access rights so that only the relevant franchisees or individuals can view certain documents. Our smart check-in/check-out feature ensures that documents have full version control, so that you can roll-back to a previous version in a click.

Setting up our intranet site has been extremely smooth and we are excited to keep unraveling all the treasures the system has for our users… we love the system!
Raj, Woops!

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Share knowledge, best practices, and FAQs

Improve information distribution by using our Knowledge Base application to share knowledge, best practices, and FAQs. Encourage franchisees to ask questions using the Q&A feature, where coworkers or head-office staff can monitor and respond to queries instantly. This pool of information will promote a collaborative environment where franchisees feel supported and connected to their network.

share knowledge and best practice
Share news and updates icon

Broadcast the latest news and company information

Keep franchisees in-the-know by broadcasting regular updates and industry news on your intranet. Create engaging news articles and stories using our intranet news application, and target the information to the right staff with dedicated channels. Use our monitoring tools to uncover the number of views, “likes”, and comments of each article to identify engagement levels.

Streamline processes with e-forms and workflows

Eliminate paperwork and manual processes by building custom e-forms and workflows to streamline your franchise operations. Smart features such as dynamic field changes, SLAs, and workflow triggers will make quick work for processes like requesting branded marketing materials, supplies, or products.

streamline processes with e-forms and workflows to get more efficient