Franchise Intranet Software

Our intranet software provides franchise organizations with a complete platform with business, social and collaborative intranet applications. With the additional option of adding the Learning Management System, we like to think we provide franchise organizations with a central location to share all-important company information while strengthening franchisee relationships.

Build a Collaborative Franchise Community

Create a collaborative community to enable the franchisee network to collectively share ideas and knowledge in real-time. A range of intranet collaboration tools such as Forums, Activity Streams, Collaboration Areas, Project Spaces and Knowledge Base are available as core, out-of-the-box intranet features. Build a community-based culture using our intranet software by enabling franchisees to post questions and share feedback.

Franchise Community

Create Franchisee Training Courses

Through the Learning Management System online training courses, modules and assessments can be created, managed and shared with franchisees. Using the Learning Management System in partnership with a SCORM 1.2 package, a range of multimedia e-learning courses can be developed to offer Franchisees assistance on a range of topics, such as 'getting started', product overviews and 'how-to' videos. Specifically tailoring the learning paths to support franchisees through their continued development along with reporting capabilities are also available.

Learning Management System

Access Documents & Information Packs 24/7

Create a central repository containing marketing collateral and franchise documentation through the Document Management System. Permission-rights can be assigned to both individual documents and folders - ensuring that necessary information is presented to the most suitable franchisees. Franchisees can become self-sufficient on the Claromentis Intranet by effortlessly accessing important documents such as operational guides, at any time and from any location. Intranet administrators can assign review dates to documents and maintain complete revision history to ensure they're periodically updated.

Document Management

Share Knowledge, Best Practices & FAQs

Share knowledge, best practices and FAQs through the Claromentis Knowledge Base Intranet Application. Encourage franchisees to share their feedback through quick polls and surveys along with collaborative discussion threads. Intranet administrators or head-office employees can monitor and respond to queries instantly. Providing franchisees with a pool of helpful information on the intranet portal will reduce costs associated with managing various support channels, for example; telephone support.

Share Knowledge, Best Practices and FAQs

Issue Up-To-Date News & Company Information

Head-office employees can centralize company information and keep franchisees informed by issuing regular updates and industry news on the Claromentis Intranet. News channels can be created and managed to ensure corporate communications are targeted regionally or franchisee-wide. The ability to create permission-based news channels stops irrelevant information reaching particular franchisees. Additionally, news articles can effortlessly be created with the help of franchisees and reviewed by intranet administrators to gain approval before being published.

Intranet News Application

Create Online Forms

Build custom franchise e-forms on your intranet to fulfil a variety of business requirements and support efficient data capturing. Each e-form can contain numerous sections with dynamic capabilities; allowing for the automatic reloading of e-form areas.

Features include:

  • Notifications
  • Dynamic Fields
  • SLAs
  • Statistics
  • CSS Styling
  • Permissions (users, roles and groups)
  • Reporting and Searching capabilities
  • Workflows
  • Connection to External Data Sources (custom development)

e-Forms and Workflows

Work with Franchisees on Multiple Projects

Create secure project workspaces with select franchisees on your Claromentis Intranet through the Social Project Management Application. Collaborate and share ideas using the activity stream, assign tasks and create events within a permission-based project space. Files, links and documents can be attached, reducing the number of emails being issued to franchisees.

Social Project Management

Distribute Granular Permission-Rights

The in-built intranet permission engine allows intranet administrators to assign granular permission-rights across the franchise network. It is associated with each intranet application meaning that certain functionality such as the ability to edit documents can be distributed to the appropriate users. Confidential information can be kept secure within the franchise intranet.

Distribute Intranet Permissions

Multilingual Intranet Capabilities

Claromentis Intranet Software can be presented in any language to support multinational franchise organisations. Multilingual communication is integral to the success of franchise communities.

Multilingual Intranet

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