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Improve team collaboration and employee engagement with an interactive intranet

Stay connected with an intranet portal that brings teams together. Our intranet software is full of social, collaborative, and enterprise-level business apps. Perfect for internal communications and team collaboration, our intranet is easy to use and keeps teams connected. Our intranet and mobile app work in harmony with our e-learning, e-forms & workflows, and project management features, providing teams with an integrated digital workplace to call home.

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Increase productivity in your teams with an integrated intranet platform

Claromentis is an intranet solution with a difference. All our apps are easy to access from your integrated digital workspace, making it a one-stop-shop for sharing information, collaboration, and internal communications. With all tools centralised in one hub, your teams can reduce busywork and be more productive.

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Build your own intranet brand to boost the user experience

No technical knowledge? No problem! Our intranet content management system and design tools make it easy to build an engaging intranet, with no need for technical know-how. Simply drag & drop widgets onto your intranet pages – such as activity feeds and project dashboards – then add your own colours, fonts, and styling. Plus, you can easily update your intranet branding as many times as you like to keep the employee experience fresh.


Choose the best intranet hosting option to suit your organisation

We provide two intranet hosting options to suit your company’s infrastructure. Choose from our cloud based intranet solution, which includes our software, installation, Google hosting, backups, and more in one monthly subscription. Or, pay a one-off fee for our intranet solution and deploy it on your own internal servers – you decide!

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Schedule a time to speak to our team of experts about your project goals and we’ll show you how the Claromentis platform can help you achieve them.

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Benefit from over 20 years of intranet expertise

We’ve been in the intranet business for over 20 years, so we know exactly what tools organisations need to support their teams. We’ve built company intranets for every industry including financial, education, and healthcare. We’re constantly improving our software too, with new apps, features, and enhancements added with every release.


Keep your intranet protected with our in-built security solutions

All aspects of our intranet platform security are important to us. We have a range of security features and procedures in place to protect your intranet data in real time, and we’re proud to be HIPAA, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 27001 compliant.


Improve professional development in your teams with learning management tools

Our learning management software is the perfect fit for any company that wants to build their teams’ knowledge, and easily integrates with our intranet platform. You can create quizzes, courses, and training materials to boost your staff development program, and build personalised learning paths to engage teams with custom learning content.


Get intranet support from our in-house customer success teams

We’re here for the long haul. Our in-house customer success and support teams are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your intranet, throughout every stage of your project. Our online support portal – built using our own software – is your go-to destination for submitting tickets, requesting changes, accessing how-to guides, and getting exclusive access to our webinars.


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Intranet FAQs


What is intranet software?

What is an intranet?” we hear you ask. Today, as technology evolves and the boundaries between business and consumer software gets closer, the answer isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Intranets were once limited to document management, news channels, staff profiles, and a policy manager if you were lucky. Design-wise, intranets were rather static and uninspiring, with little customisation options.

Today, all that has changed. Modern intranet is loaded with apps that go way beyond the basics. Think corporate social media feeds, employee engagement tools, and productivity apps, as well as integrations with third-party systems, e-forms and workflows, e-learning, and project management.

The growth of intranet SaaS solutions – which are subscription based and typically hosted in the cloud – has enabled revolutionary intranet technology to thrive, such as drag & drop content management systems and customisable intranet design tools.

Intranet platforms can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they differ depending on the type of business using them. When deciding what is the best platform for an intranet, it’s important to take your organisation’s needs and priorities into account.

Here’s a list of the most common types of intranet platform, and which industries benefit the most:

  • • Enterprise intranet platform: This type of intranet is used by large companies and corporations. These intranet platforms will include features that focus on compliance, governance, and policy management. Organisations like these often have dispersed teams, so popular features such as collaboration spaces – which allow staff to communicate from afar – will also be essential.
  • • Social intranet platforms: Intranet platforms with plenty of social features will benefit most organisations, because they provide teams with the means to collaborate, communicate, and share ideas within a central space. This will help break down silos, as well as encourage transparency across your company.
  • • Productivity intranet platforms: Making productivity improvements is one of the most critical priorities for many business owners. This is especially true for SMEs, who are often stretched or experiencing a period of growth, so they need to be more productive than ever before. Intranet platforms that integrate with productivity tools help SME’s solve this problem by providing tools to streamline their processes and work smarter.

Looking for some succesful intranet examples? Then look no further – we have 3 great intranet examples for you below:

This tech company creates AI chatbots that provide intelligent responses to customer queries. needed intranet apps such as knowledge base and communication tools to connect their service delivery partners to essential training materials.



The Central Bank of The Bahamas

The Central Bank of The Bahamas wanted to boost learning and collaboration across the company. They achieved this by implementing our intranet solution that included built-in e-learning features.

With interactive courses, personalised training paths and collaboration spaces accessible from the intranet, they were able to foster an engaging learning environment for their staff.

Central Bank of The Bahamas intranet landing page in a browser displaying the homepage components


Apprenticeship Connect

Recruitment and training provider Apprenticeship Connect have a hybrid working set up, which means they have some teams who work from the office, and some who work remote.

Our intranet platform helped their dispersed teams keep connected by centralising all information and projects into one easy-to-access hub. Our intranet mobile app allowed teams to stay informed, regardless of their location.

apprenticeship connect intranet