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Give your teams a Claromentis intranet, one of the industry’s best SharePoint alternatives

Claromentis is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and beautifully designed SharePoint alternative that your team members will love to use. Combining intranet software apps such as document management, shared calendars, and a collaboration suite with task management tools, LMS software, and workflow automations, it’s no wonder that we’re a leading alternative to Microsoft SharePoint.

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Get the SharePoint alternative that's easy to set up without IT support

Microsoft’s SharePoint intranet offering is complicated from the start: do you choose SharePoint Online, Server, Microsoft 365, or Office 365? It also needs a dedicated IT team to set up, maintain, and build out content. Claromentis is a refreshingly simple SharePoint alternative that provides one integrated digital workplace with all the apps you need to work effectively. The best part? You don’t need any technical or IT resources to get it up and running.


Design a beautiful intranet that puts your users at the centre

Claromentis is a powerful business platform that centralises intranet apps, collaboration software, and productivity tools in one place. But it’s also built with the user experience at its heart, providing your teams with next-gen intranet design tools that empower them to create modern, beautiful pages with no coding knowledge required.

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Easily connect your intranet to Microsoft AD and Azure Single-Sign-On

We understand that your business may rely on Microsoft products such as Active Directory and Single-Sign-On, so we’ve made it easy to connect your Microsoft tech to your Claromentis intranet. Our dedicated AD and SSO integration tools give you the power to plug into these external apps, without needing to hire any IT specialists to do it for you.

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6 reasons why Claromentis is the best intranet SharePoint alternative for your teams


Cost effective

Our no-nonsense pricing packages include full access to all intranet apps, as well as cloud based hosting options and in-house customer support. You won’t find any hidden add-ons or extras.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use Claromentis. Our user-friendly drag & drop content management system makes it easy to build and update your intranet.

Modern and customisable designs

Easily customise your intranet to mirror your organisation’s brand using our intuitive design tools. Change colours, fonts, styling, and more without needing HTML or CSS experience.

Centralise work in one place

Our software is home to all the tools you need to get work done, from document storage and internal communications tools to workflow automations and project management.

Integrate with third-party tools

We’re an independent intranet vendor, so we don’t tie you into specific products. This means you can integrate with apps like Google Drive, Trello, and more to bring all your tools into one place.


Unlike SharePoint, our intranet is ready to use on mobile browsers out of the box, with no additional customisations needed. We also offer a native app for those who need something bespoke.


Want to know more about what makes Claromentis the best SharePoint alternative? Download our intranet brochure for a full feature list.


Users rate Claromentis higher for ease of use, ease of setup, and customer support




(Source: G2).




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SharePoint Alternatives FAQs


Is SharePoint a dying technology?

The million dollar question! It depends on who you ask, but there’s certainly a large user base who believe that SharePoint is on its last legs. Here are the main reasons why SharePoint is falling out of favour:


  • • It’s difficult to use: Planning an intranet should be exciting, not daunting. Yet studies show that 66% of users believe their SharePoint project failed because it was too difficult to use. This can be attributed to the fact that specialist SharePoint consultants and developers need to be brought in to get the system working, making it virtually impossible for non-techies to maintain it themselves.
  • • It’s expensive: Those SharePoint specialists you need to hire to set up the platform? Those come with a hefty price tag (more on that below). This is in addition to the software licence, server installation, and customisation costs.
  • • It isn’t customisable out of the box: If you want to customise your SharePoint intranet so that it looks and feels like your company’s brand – which is key to high adoption rates – you’ll need to fork out extra cash for the privilege. Modern intranets, on the other hand, come with intuitive design tools as standard, leaving SharePoint lagging behind in the UI stakes.
  • • Social features are only available to enterprise users: Given that SharePoint promotes itself as a collaboration platform, it’s surprising that social features are limited to the most expensive package. This makes the cost of SharePoint even higher, just to get an app that’s considered an intranet essential.
There are a lot of costs associated with setting up and building a SharePoint intranet. Here’s what you’re likely to pay if you’re based in the UK or US and considering SharePoint as your intranet provider:


  • • Software licence: £29,000/$40,000 for a company of 50 staff.
  • • UI customisations: £7,000/$10,000 to £72,000/$100,000.
  • • SharePoint Consultant: £62,000/$83,000 a year.
  • • SharePoint Developer: £57,500/$79,000 a year.
Given that SharePoint is such a large platform, you may be worried that your only option is to replace it with multiple apps that fulfil individual purposes, such as one for file sharing, another for document collaboration, a third for project management, and so on. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. That’s because modern intranet software – the best SharePoint alternative out there – combines all of these apps into one integrated hub. Having a single system for all of your business and operational needs minimises costs, reduces the time spent onboarding teams, and makes it much easier to maintain.