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Intranet software for the education sector

We provide schools, universities and colleges with a wide range of feature-rich intranet software apps and digital workplace solutions. From communicating with educational stakeholders to building courses on our integrated Learning Management System, our education intranet software provides you with everything you need to effectively manage your institution’s administration and processes.

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Replace staff briefings with collaboration tools

Display staff announcements on your intranet homepage to alert team members to important information as soon as they access their system. Our corporate social networking application allows you to share messages to faculty-specific activity streams or across the entire organisation, helping you to broadcast communications more efficiently.

Replace staff briefings with collaboration tools

Learning Management System for staff and pupils

Our SCORM-complaint Learning Management System (LMS) supports educational institutions by allowing you to build bespoke training courses, modules, and assessments for staff and students alike. Training can be delivered through a variety of engaging methods, such as videos, quizzes, and SCORM modules. You can also set custom time-frames for course validity to help you monitor up-to-date completion rates.

Online Learning for Staff & Pupils

Schedule staff meetings and issue notifications

Every staff member can have their own personal intranet calendar to help manage teaching schedules, faculty meetings, and departmental activities. Automatic notifications can be setup to alert staff to event invitations, helping them effectively manage their time and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Schedule Staff Meetings and Send Automated Notifications

Third-party integration and custom functionality

Claromentis Intranet Software has a REST API meaning that integration with third-party software is possible. The framework can be extended with custom functionality or built upon to allow for the rapid development of new applications. Claromentis offers both in-house custom development and rapid prototyping services to support your organisation’s unique requirements. Alternatively, it can be completed by your organisation if there’s in-house PHP skills.

Third-party Integration or Create Bespoke Functionality

Secure in-house or cloud deployment

Claromentis intranet software can be hosted on your educational institution’s infrastructure (Windows or Linux) or managed entirely by Claromentis through our cloud deployment option. Whilst both deployment options are extremely secure, an additional security benefit exists with in-house deployment due to corporate firewalls. The benefits associated with choosing the cloud hosting option include: 24-hour server monitoring, both UK and US hosting locations, full scalability, and having a single point of contact for all hardware and intranet software related issues.

Choose In-house or SaaS Deployment

Create educational stakeholder extranets

Dedicated extranet areas can be created for a variety of educational stakeholder groups such as: students, parents, the board of trustees, advisory committees and local employers. These extranet areas can be highly secure portals or set-up as public-facing sites to cater for the needs of your stakeholders.

Example extranet areas that can be created:

  • Learning portals to train staff or to assist with student courses
  • Community-based portals for current students to collaborate
  • Support portals for prospective students
  • Parental areas to share up-to-date organisational news and upcoming events

Intranets for education | Claromentis

Active Directory integration to manage educational groups

The Claromentis intranet system can be integrated with Microsoft’s Active Directory to allow for the easy management of user accounts at a network level. Educational Institutes can centralise account management as Claromentis can pre-populate user information and profiles based on all your existing user information. Information changed within Active Directory automatically appears on the intranet system reducing the need to maintain and update both systems. The existing Active Directory structure can be maintained in the intranet system in the form of permission groups and roles. Configuration of Single Sign On is supported with in-house deployment.

Active Directory Integration for Educational Groups

Securely collaborate on school projects

Intranet users can create secure project spaces on any topic; from managing student open days to faculty-specific projects within the Claromentis project management application. Each project space contains an activity stream to enable project members to collaborate and share information, task and event management functionality and an area to store notes.

Collaborate and Manage School Projects

Content authorship distributed across faculties

Colleges, schools and universities often have a significant number of stakeholders to which they communicate on a regular basis. Often this level of communication requires the help of numerous team members with differing skills across the organisation. Adding content to the intranet should therefore be an intuitive experience which doesn’t require technical skills, such as HTML. Intranet pages can be easily added with the built-in Claromentis Content Management System (CMS) which contains a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor allowing for non-technical content creators to efficiently add new intranet pages.

Content Creation Across Faculties

Easy to manage and implement permissions

Claromentis has a built-in permission system used to group educational stakeholders and assign differing levels of permissions. Granular permission rights can be assigned to groups, roles and individual users. The intranet permission system is easy to implement and maintain, and ensures the configuration of stakeholders’ user experiences are appropriate.

Set-up Complex Permissions

Build custom e-forms for educational processes

Custom E-forms can be created to replace the distribution, collection and processing of paper forms in an educational institute. They can be used to assist with a variety of processes such as the student application process, to supporting administrative staff and issue logging.

Build Custom E-Forms for Educational Processes

Securely store educational and confidential information

The Claromentis Document Management System allows for universities, colleges and schools to securely store confidential information and distribute granular permission rights.

Features include:

  • Version control and revision history
  • Preview documents in the user’s browser
  • Drag-and-drop documents from the desktop
  • Document workflows
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Advanced security
  • Audit trail
  • Integration with Google Docs

Securely Store Educational and Pupil Sensitive Information