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Intranet software for the education sector

We provide schools, universities and colleges with a wide range of feature-rich intranet software apps and digital workplace solutions. From communicating with educational stakeholders to building courses on our integrated e-learning system, our software provides you with everything you need to effectively manage your institution’s administration and processes.

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Replace staff briefings with collaboration tools

Display staff announcements on your intranet homepage to alert team members to important information as soon as they access their system. Our corporate social networking application allows you to share messages to faculty-specific activity streams or across the entire organisation, helping you to broadcast communications more efficiently.

Replace staff briefings with collaboration tools

Boost information retention with gamified e-learning courses

Our SCORM-complaint e-learning software gives you the tools to build bespoke training courses, modules, and assessments for staff and students alike. Gamified elements such as quizzes, training records, and personalised learning paths help to boost engagement and information retention, whilst custom course validity timeframes will help you monitor up-to-date completion rates.

Online Learning for Staff & Pupils

Schedule staff meetings and events

Every staff member can have their own personal intranet calendar to help manage teaching schedules, faculty meetings, and departmental activities. Automatic notifications can be setup to alert staff to event invitations, helping them effectively manage their time and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Schedule Staff Meetings and Send Automated Notifications

Target the right content to the right people

Colleges, schools, and universities often have a significant number of stakeholders to communicate with. Our content management system allows you to target communication and information to the relevant people, providing them with their own personalised intranet.

Content Creation Across Faculties
The possibilities within Claromentis are truly endless, allowing you to build a unique digital workspace which fits your businesses needs perfectly; the scope of different features it offers is fantastic. 
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Connect your education stakeholders

Create dedicated extranet areas for your educational stakeholders, such as students, parents, the board of trustees, advisory committees, and local employers. Using our built-in permissions framework, you can create a variety of personalised and secure extranet areas for your stakeholders, including: a learning portal to train staff; an online community for students to collaborate; or parental areas to share news and upcoming events.

Intranets for education | Claromentis

Manage access with user directories and SSO

Our intranet system can be integrated with a variety of user directories, such as Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP, allowing you to easily manage user accounts and grant access at a network level. Users can also sign-in automatically with our SSO integration options, which automatically detect login details for a seamless user experience.

Active Directory Integration for Educational Groups

Securely collaborate on projects

Create secure collaboration areas on any topic using our project management tools, giving your staff a centralised space to share ideas, provide feedback, and distribute tasks. Each project space has its own dashboard so that you can follow updates, manage tasks, and view upcoming events. Add project widgets to your homepage to help you keep track of progress at-a-glance.

Collaborate and Manage School Projects

Automate processes with e-forms and workflows

Use our e-forms and workflows software to replace paperwork and automate processes. Transforming key processes such as student applications, incident reporting, and feedback gathering into online workflows will free-up your time from manual administration, improve accuracy, and provide a searchable database for unlocking insights.

Build Custom E-Forms for Educational Processes

Store confidential information securely

Securely store and organise confidential data in our robust Document Management System. Our built-in permissions framework allows you to configure access rights to departments, teams, or individuals, so that only the appropriate staff can view the relevant information.

Securely Store Educational and Pupil Sensitive Information