Intranet Calendar Application

Permission-Based Intranet Calendar

The Claromentis Intranet Calendar application enables intranet administrators to create and manage departmental and project team calendars within a central location, securely. Intranet users can be notified of upcoming events and tasks, whilst the ability to create holiday zones ensures that common holidays are appropriately displayed for geographically dispersed offices.

Create Group, Departmental and Team Calendars

The ability to create group calendars allows for departments or project teams to create, manage and share calendar events in one central Intranet area. A calendar colour can be selected and associated with each calendar group. To allow particular users or groups to view, edit and administrate events within the calendar, permission-settings can be preselected.


Integration with Other Intranet Applications

Other core intranet applications such as Holiday Planner and Courses integrate with the Calendar application to ensure intranet users benefit from a seamless experience within their intranet. The Sales Management module additionally possesses this functionality to e nable upcoming sales events and activities to be displayed in the Calendar application. Intranet administrators can deactivate this integrated functionality, if necessary.


Assign Permission-Settings to Individuals & Groups

Intranet administrators can assign permission-rights when adding a new calendar group or editing previously assigned permissions. The Calendar permission-settings allow, or disallow, particular users or intranet groups to view a calendar, add or edit calendar events or become administrators. The ability to assign detailed permissions helps to keep information secure and to ensure that necessary users and groups are presented with the relevant information.


Issue Automatic Notifications

Reminder notifications can be issued within a specified time-period prior to calendar events occurring in addition to the changing of an event's details. Notifications are issued to users' email addresses and external invitees can be sent confirmation URLs - this link will work if the system is accessible from the internet and is therefore useful for public-facing extranet areas to manage events.


Calendar Holiday Zones

Holiday zones can be configured within the Holiday Planner application to specify common holidays associated with employees situated in various geographical locations. Previously inputted holiday zones appear in the Calendar application and can be associated with a group calendar i.e. Marketing Calendar - these will determine which global holidays are displayed.


Create Meetings and Events

Calendar events can be scheduled for both individual intranet users and groups and assigned to the necessary calendar (dependent upon permissions). Information regarding the event can also be added along with a link to the meeting room in the Room Booking application. A notification alerting employees to the event is issued with a reminder, before the event is due to start. It's also possible to set-up reoccurring events. Conflicting events are highlighted through the 'Find Conflicts' functionality.


Import and Export Calendars

Calendar events can be exported or imported using iCal files and URLs from preselected calendars. The URL which can be used for calendar syncing can also be used to import and sync future events.


Assign Tasks and View Task List

Calendar tasks can be created with a priority level and assigned to a specific user along with a due date. Tasks require less information than an event and intranet users can view a list of tasks they've created or tasks which have previously been assigned to them. Tasks can be exported to a CSV file for further analysis.