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Intranet Design Examples by Claromentis

Inspiring examples that will help your intranet design project

Our interactive intranet design tools and content management system empower teams to design, build, and deliver a customised digital workplace that will engage staff and boost productivity. Take a look at our intranet design examples below and book a demo with us to see our platform in action.

Intranet design examples

Easy-to-use design tools that empower you to get creative

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Build intranet pages that enhance the user experience

Want to target company news to your teams, improve corporate social media adoption, or post real time critical updates? Our built-in content management system ensures your intranet becomes the single source of truth for finding information, and makes it easy to build a great intranet for your team members.

It is Drag and Drop, component based and requires no coding or technical knowledge.

Design your intranet with clicks, not code

Our intranet design tools empower you to create an intranet that is tailored and custom designed to your business needs – without any coding. Using our design features, you can easily align your external and internal branding by adjusting colour schemes, logos, background images, fonts, and much more with just a few clicks.

For larger brands, or those with particularly dissimilar requirements amongst different users – you can set up different themes for each group of users.

Design themes control

The colours and Branding
The Home Page
The Menu

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connect your company team members icon

Create responsive intranet designs that look great on mobile

Our intranet design tools are pre-configured to make your intranet homepage design look great on any mobile device, so you don’t need to worry about additional settings or creating a separate mobile intranet.