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Intranet Design Examples by Claromentis

Design your intranet with easy-to-use tools

Our interactive intranet design tools empower your staff to design, build, and deliver a customised digital workplace that will engage teams and boost productivity. Take a look at our intranet design examples below and book a free personal demo with us to see our platform in action.

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Intranet design examples

Over 40 widgets to build your intranet

Want to improve internal communications, encourage social networking, or boost productivity? Our Pages content management system simplifies intranet design and lets you do it all. Containing over 40 different intranet features to add, move, resize, and customise your layout, you can easily build a digital workplace that matches your bespoke needs.


Design your intranet with clicks, not code

Our intranet Design application comes complete with a range of tools that empower you to create an intranet that is tailored and custom designed to your business needs – without any coding. Using our design features, you can easily align your external and internal branding by adjusting colour schemes, logos, background images, fonts, and much more with just a few clicks.