Pages - Drag and Drop

Your intranet, your way

Build an engaging and fresh intranet in minutes. Our drag and drop application, Pages, allows you to create multiple sites to target content to different teams. Customise homepage layouts, intranet content, and over 35 unique components with just a few clicks.

Target content with Sites

Create multiple Sites to target relevant content to employees, whatever their location, department, or role. With Pages, each and every Site can be a completely personalised gateway, ensuring your staff get instant access to the information, communications, and productivity tools they need to get their job done.

Intranet CMS | Page Templates

Drag and drop components

Customising your intranet has never been easier. By simply clicking, dragging, and dropping intranet components you can transform your intranet in minutes. Our built-in 4 grid layout means that components are automatically snapped into the relevant columns, ensuring that your intranet retains a consistent and clean layout.

Complete control of your intranet

Our ethos is a focus on configuration over customisation; our Pages app allows you to be completely self sufficient, and no longer relying on our Designers or Developers to make changes. With over 35 components to choose from, you can design a completely bespoke intranet that suits your business requirements.

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Customisable components

Each and every intranet component can be customised on an individual basis. Alter permissions, personalise headings, set display options, curate content, and do so much more to create a truly unique and engaging intranet. From company announcements and social streams to upcoming events and productivity dashboards, there’s an intranet component for everything.

Intranet CMS | Permissions

Robust permissions

All areas of Claromentis are controlled by our robust permissions engine, and Pages is no different. Intranet administrators can assign the appropriate team members permissions to the Pages app, so that only the qualified users can edit the homepage layout, providing complete accountability at all times.

Widgets and Components

Powerful interconnectivity with Design & Themes

Pages integrates seamlessly with our Design and Themes app, providing you with a powerful combo for creating the perfect intranet. With just a few clicks, you can transform the look and feel of your intranet, creating a unique identity that mirrors your business.

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