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Build a better business with an intranet that automates your compliance management

Claromentis is the all-in-one intranet platform that gives your business the compliance software tools it needs to centralise compliance management, automate business processes, and manage risk assessments – all within a single online location. Our integrated compliance management system simplifies and streamlines your compliance activities, so that you can focus on building a better business that benefits from adhering to compliance and quality standards.

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Automating compliance management
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See how Claromentis can help you simplify compliance management


Complying with applicable laws and industry specific regulations – as well as managing the associated compliance paperwork that comes with every audit and risk assessment – can feel overwhelming. Our compliance management solutions take the weight off your shoulders by simplifying and streamlining the governance, risk, and compliance processes required to pass internal audits and achieve regulatory compliance.


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compliance software to help with audits

Keep on top of audits with user-friendly compliance management system software

Managing your compliance requirements manually with paperwork and spreadsheets quickly becomes difficult to maintain, time consuming, costly, and frustrating – especially when you have audit deadlines approaching. Our user-friendly compliance software is packed with tools that enable your business to pass audits at scale, including workflow automations that automatically progress compliance processes to the next stage, and digital forms that capture data in a meaningful and actionable format.

Spend less time on tasks and more time improving your business growth

Complying with the latest regulatory changes or completing frequent risk management assessments is essential for your business operations to run smoothly. But the repetitive and manual admin behind compliance activities can draw focus away from what’s important – actually implementing those compliances to grow your business. Our compliance software solutions take care of the busywork by automating compliance processes, calculating risk scores, and minimising admin, so that your teams are free to concentrate on driving business growth.

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create a culture that cares about compliance

Easily share knowledge to create a culture that cares about compliance management

Achieving regulatory compliance relies on your entire company being on board. Our compliance management software helps staff follow the relevant regulatory requirements and feel confident reporting any breaches in legal compliance. Using our knowledge base, collaboration tools, and document management system, you can also centralise and share compliance knowledge across your teams to foster a culture that fully embraces the value of compliance management.

Show auditors that you’re compliant with policy acceptance records

A key part of the compliance management process is providing evidence that your company adheres to applicable laws and regulatory requirements, especially when conducting risk assessments or to fulfil audits. Our compliance management solutions include policy management tools that make it easy for your business to distribute policies company wide, monitor acceptance rates, and send reminders to those who haven’t yet accepted, creating a digital trail of proof that demonstrates regulatory compliance.

provide audited evidence of compliance
Give auditors secure access

Give auditors secure and direct access to your compliance documentation

Save time and money, eliminate paperwork, and speed up the audit process by using extranet portals to connect external auditors directly to your internal compliance management processes and documentation. Our extranets provide secure and limited access to areas of your compliance management system, where auditors can assess compliance risks and audit business processes without having to rely on paperwork.

Integrated compliance management tools that make your internal audits flow seamlessly

Workflow Automations

Streamline compliance management processes with workflow automations that automatically trigger actions and progress audits to the next stage.

Digital Forms

Go paperless, capture data in a meaningful way, and keep a digital record of every risk and compliance submission with buildable digital forms.

Policy Management

Distribute policies, promote mandatory reads on your intranet homepage, and monitor read & accept rates to verify regulatory compliance.

Document and Knowledge Management

Centralise, organise, and share governance, risk, and compliance information to improve knowledge and promote a culture that cares about compliance.

Compliance Manager

Create dedicated compliance reminders and push these to the relevant team to ensure they comply with industry specific regulations and quality standards.

Audit Manager

Build, manage, and schedule audit business processes to pass annual audits such as ISO27001 and ISO 9001:2015 each and every time.

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Schedule a time to speak to our team of experts about your project goals and we’ll show you how the Claromentis platform can help you achieve them.

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Compliance Management Solutions FAQs

What is a cloud based intranet?

Cloud based intranet software is hosted on a remote server, i.e. in “the cloud”, and is accessed via the internet. The remote server is usually provided by a third party that is external to the intranet vendor. At Claromentis, for example, we use Google Cloud Platform to host our cloud based intranets.

How do cloud based intranets compare to on premise intranets?

In the past, most intranets were hosted on an organisation’s own internal infrastructure – this is called on premise intranet hosting. Hosting an intranet on premise usually costs businesses more time and money, and it requires them to stay on top of the latest tech, security, and updates to ensure the system is technologically sound as well as appealing to those who use it. Employee engagement is key to an intranet’s success, so it’s essential that the system is kept up-to-date.

Whilst on premise intranet hosting is still an option, cloud based intranet solutions have become more and more popular thanks to their low initial cost and ongoing convenience.

Hosting an intranet on a cloud based system means that it’s the responsibility of the intranet vendor to look after its upkeep. That means they will deploy the software, maintain the server, run backups and monitoring, install security updates and patches, and much more besides.

What are the benefits of a cloud based intranet?

Businesses that choose a cloud intranet will quickly discover the benefits it brings, including:

  • Simpler pricing: A cloud based intranet doesn’t have any large upfront costs, add-ons, or hidden extras. Everything is included in one monthly subscription, helping companies to spread costs and know exactly what they’ll be paying every month.
  • No need for internal IT teams: One of the biggest advantages of a cloud based intranet is that you don’t need an in-house IT team to manage it. And even if you do have an internal IT team, they are often overstretched and under-resourced, and may not have the bandwidth to constantly support the company’s intranet server. Instead, the intranet vendor will take care of everything as part of your cloud intranet subscription.
  • In-built security: As part of your cloud based intranet package, you’ll get in-built intranet security as standard. Claromentis’ cloud intranets include multi-level firewalls, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, brute force protection, monitoring, and encryption, amongst many other measures, to keep your intranet safe.
  • Scalability: The best cloud based intranet solution is one that’s scalable. So if your business starts to grow, your intranet can grow with you. At Claromentis, we can easily scale up your cloud intranet storage so that you have more space for all your important company data.