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Intranet Consultancy

Working with you to achieve long-term intranet success

Here at Claromentis, our expert intranet software consultants and service delivery team take a long-term, collaborative approach to ensuring the success of your intranet by offering a range of services, from helpful articles on our support portal to one-to-one consultancy sessions.

Our digital workplace is designed to ensure it’s easy to use for all industries. But we understand that a helping hand is often needed when deploying a new intranet, so we provide specialist guidance on intranet best practices, at any stage in your project.

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Your intranet community

As as Claromentis customer, your organisation will have free and unlimited access to our online support portal. You’ll find articles to help you assemble a project team, create a strategy, name your intranet, overcome constraints and decide on the right content management approach. Post questions to gain feedback from other customers, and share your ideas with our product development team to improve and enhance our platform.

Claromentis Intranet Consultancy

Getting ready for your intranet launch

In the run-up to the launch, we can provide intranet consultancy and guidance on important topics such as user management, document storage, content, e-forms, learning management and social collaboration. This advice can be delivered in combination with application training and it will be aligned with business objectives.

Claromentis Intranet Consultancy

Maintaining your intranet

In addition to our support portal, which contains a variety of helpful resources and a ticketing system, we can provide assistance with identifying both intranet success areas and areas in need of improvement. We’ll work with you to develop methods to measure success and our ongoing product updates will ensure your intranet benefits from a steady flow of new functionality and feature enhancements.

Claromentis Intranet Consultancy

Open drop-in sessions for your team

As part of our intranet consultancy, we run pre and post-launch drop-in sessions to give your employees an opportunity to ask questions and collaborate with our intranet consultants. These open sessions will also offer one-to-one or group tips and advice to help end-users get started – removing confusion and reducing resistance to change.

Claromentis Intranet Consultancy