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Document Management System

Store, manage, and access your documents in a single space

Access your files in one centralised space with our industry-strength, enterprise-level intranet document management software. A core feature of our intranet platform, our documents library contains everything you need to proactively manage your organisation’s files and folders, including version control, access rights, and integration with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive.

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Centrally store documents

No more mislaid files or folders – keep all your documents in one central place.

Track changes with version control

Get a complete audit of your document history, and roll back to a previous version in a couple of clicks.

Control access with document permissions

Configure which departments, teams, and individuals can view files and folders for ultimate accountability.

Preview documents directly in-browser

Save time and storage space by viewing documents in-browser, without having to download.

See every version of your files

Our intranet document management system includes version control tools that give you a complete revision history and audit log of your documents, helping you keep track of changes. View, download, and roll back to any previous versions of your files in a couple of clicks, making it easy to see what’s changed or undo any mistakes.

Document Management System | Claromentis

Simplify document changes with check-in/check-out

Our smart check-in/check-out feature locks document edit access from other users, preventing editing conflicts and streamlining your teams’ workflow. Need to request edit access? You can see who’s currently editing the document and send them a quick message using our collaborative tools.

Document Management System | Claromentis

Control who can access your company's files

Using our configurable permissions framework, your intranet administrators have full control over who can view, edit, move, and delete documents. Manage access on an individual, team, or role basis, and choose to set permissions on an entire folder or per document. Keeping accountability of your documents has never been so easy.

Document Management System | Claromentis

Preview documents without downloading

Why clog up your downloads folder when you can preview digital documents directly in your intranet? Save on space and multiple downloads with our in-browser document preview functionality, which gives you an instant view of your files.

Preview Documents in the Browser without Downloading

Drag & drop documents from your desktop

Upload documents in seconds – simply drag and drop the files you want from your desktop to our document management solution, and you’re all set. Any documents you upload will automatically get the same access rights as the folder you added them to.

Drag Documents from the Desktop Directly into the Intranet

Integrate with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive

Searching through multiple, disconnected folders is time consuming. Save time by consolidating your external documents into a single access point. Our integration features allow you to add reference links to your Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive files, so you can view your external documents directly in your intranet without having to upload them.

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Collaborate on Documents and Access Google Docs

Find the files you need with powerful search

Locate the information you need, fast, with our document searching and filtering tools. We index the entire contents of your files – from the title and headings to paragraphs and metadata – so that you can always find the documents you’re looking for.

Create Workflows to Ensure Documents Progress through a Process

Monitor documents and get notified of changes

Send your staff notifications whenever you upload or update a document, keeping everyone informed of the latest changes. Staff can also monitor documents at the click of a button, so that they receive automatic updates on any document they have permissions to access.

Document Monitoring and Issue Notifications

Unlock document insights with reports

Get detailed insights into document stats such as review dates, security settings, metadata, and file size with our suite of document reports. Filter reports by timeframes and export to CSV for further analysis.

Run Document Reports to gain an Overview

Create bespoke document workflows

Enhance your processes by integrating our document management system with our e-forms and workflows platform, giving you a comprehensive and powerful workflow solution that can reference version-controlled documents.

Create Workflows to Ensure Documents Progress through a Process