Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS)

Claromentis provides industry-strength, enterprise-level document management software as a core application within its intranet platform. The Document Management System contains robust version control, permissions, indexing, tagging, full content searching, workflows, the ability to preview documents in the browser and drag-and-drop functionality straight from the desktop.

Complete Version Control and Revision History

To maintain full version control, within the Document Management System documents must be 'checked-out' when an authorised intranet user intends to make modifications to a document. To avoid document conflicts and duplicated effort, documents assigned a 'checked-out' status cannot be edited by another intranet user. When adding a new document version the 'check-in' feature must be selected - therefore maintaining a sequential revision history for each document.

Document Management Software | Version Control

Document Permissions and Permission Reports

Intranet Administrators can assign individual users, groups or roles within the Document Management System the required level of document rights (permissions). These rights determine users' ability to view, edit, move or delete a document, assign permissions or alter metadata. During the document upload process, a document can either inherit the permissions previously assigned to its parent folder or be individually specified. A full report detailing currently assigned permissions is viewable by intranet administrators.

Document Management Software | Permission Reports

Preview Documents without Downloading

Intranet users can view a document's content, images and layout without having to download it as it can be viewed in the user's browser. The document preview functionality also allows intranet users to search the document's content for particular keywords or phrases, without the need to download. This further supports efficient document searching and enhances the experience of all employees using the company intranet.

Document Management Software | Preview Documents

Drag-and-Drop Documents from the Desktop

Intranet users can efficiently add documents to the Claromentis Document Management System from their desktop through the drag-and-drop function. Document upload is achieved through an inline uploading process which begins as soon as the intranet user has selected the file.

Document Management Software | Drag-and-Drop Documents

Create Bespoke Document Workflows

Our document management software can be enhanced by combining it with our Business Process Management module to provide comprehensive and powerful form-based workflow solutions that can reference version controlled documents.

Document Management Software | Document Workflows

Collaboration Area and Integration with Google Docs

Links to Google Docs can be created and managed within the Claromentis Document Management System - ensuring that the intranet is a central repository for organisational documents. A separate collaboration area allows intranet users to apply comments concerning each document - the intranet user's profile image along with the date the comment was created is displayed.

Document Management Software | Collaboration

Document Monitoring and Notifications

Once an intranet user has modified a document they can choose to send a notification to other intranet users' e-mail addresses or intranet inboxes to keep them informed. A custom message can optionally be applied to the document notification. Monitoring functionality allows intranet users to ensure they are kept up-to-date even if the document editor chooses not to directly notify them. Read more information about intranet notifications and messaging.

Document Management Software | Monitoring

Comprehensive Document Reports

To gain a detailed insight, various document reports concerning pre-allocated review dates or metadata, pre-specified security settings, workflow reports, current document size and details are fully available. Filtering by time frames is also available and all reports can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Document Management Software | Reports

Advanced Security

In addition to the complete permission system present throughout Claromentis' Intranet Software, additional security settings can be applied through security levels, IP locking, and the use of MD5 signature. As Claromentis has many clients situated within the financial sector, particularly the banking industry, the intranet platform has been fully Penetration tested, giving you the reassurance of auditable security.

Document Management Software | Security

Filterable Document Audit Trail

All user actions taken against a document file will be present in the document's audit trail. Along with a complete list of previously implemented actions, there additionally exists each user's profile, date the action was taken and IP address. The audit trail is a fully filterable list and can be exported as a CSV file

Document Management Software | Audit Trail

Instant Searching and Metadata

The secure system includes full searching of the content of all document files, as well as comprehensive metadata - allocated according to record type - to ensure information is easily categorized and retrievable. Particular filters can be specified to ensure the rapid location of the necessary documents is achieved. More about Intranet Search

Document Management Software | Searching and Metadata