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Document Management System

A complete Document Management System for your business

Claromentis provides industry-strength, enterprise-level document management software as a core application within our intranet platform. Our Document Management System (DMS) contains robust version control, permissions, indexing, tagging, integration with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive, the ability to preview documents in the browser, and drag & drop functionality straight from the desktop. Staff can also collaborate on documents by adding feedback in the dedicated Comments area. 

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Complete version control and revision history

Maintain full version control using our Document Management System, where documents are ‘checked-out’ whenever a team member wants to make changes. To avoid document conflicts, documents assigned a ‘checked-out’ status cannot be edited by another intranet user. When adding a new document version, the ‘check-in’ feature ensures there is a sequential revision history for each document.

Maintain Document Version Control and Revision History

Document permissions

Intranet Administrators can assign individual users, groups, or roles the required level of permissions, determining users’ ability to view, edit, move, or delete a document. Documents can either inherit the permissions assigned to its parent folder or have its own unique permissions. Intranet Administrators can easily view which users have permissions to which documents by running a report.

Assign Document Permission Rights to Employees & View Reports

Preview documents without downloading

Staff can view a document directly in-browser without having to download it, saving time and storage space. Search the document’s content for particular keywords or phrases using our Intranet Search functionality, promoting efficient document searching and enhancing the user experience.

Preview Documents in the Browser without Downloading

Drag & drop documents from the desktop

Intranet users can quickly add documents to the Claromentis Document Management System from their desktop using our drag & drop feature.

Drag Documents from the Desktop Directly into the Intranet

Create bespoke document workflows

Our Document Management System can be enhanced by integrating it with our Business Process Management platform, providing a comprehensive and powerful form-based workflow solution that can reference version-controlled documents.

Create Workflows to Ensure Documents Progress through a Process

Integration with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive

Links to Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive can be created and managed within the Claromentis Document Management System – ensuring that the intranet is a central repository for all organisational documents.

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Collaborate on Documents and Access Google Docs

Document monitoring and notifications

Send your staff notifications whenever you update a document, keeping everyone informed of the latest changes. A custom message can be applied to the document notification as well, providing that personal touch. Staff can monitor documents at the click of a button, so that they receive automatic updates on any document they have permissions to access.

Document Monitoring and Issue Notifications

Comprehensive document reports

To gain detailed insights into document stats, you can run various document reports on review dates, metadata, security settings, workflows, and document size. Filter reports by timeframes and export to CSV for additional analysis.

Run Document Reports to gain an Overview

Filterable document audit trail

Keep track of document updates using our filterable audit trail. Everything from user actions, update timestamps, number of views and downloads, and IP address is recorded in the audit log, which can also be exported as a CSV file for in-depth reporting.

Instant searching and metadata

Our Document Management System uses the ElasticSearch indexing engine, helping you locate the information you need, fast. The full content and metadata of all documents are searchable, so that files can be easily categorised and retrievable. Quick filters can be used within the DMS to locate files in a flash.