Business Process Management

Business Process Management Overview

E-forms and workflows software that will make you work smarter

Automate your processes and paperwork and start working smarter. Our Business Process Management software has an inbuilt process automation engine that empowers you to create workflows such as appraisal forms, support help desks, expense claims, and purchase order requests, freeing your time from manual and repetitive tasks.

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No more paperwork

Replace outdated paper-based processes with buildable e-forms that save on space and improve efficiency.

Accomplish tasks faster

Keep your day-to-day tasks moving with automated workflows that boost internal SLAs and save valuable employee time.

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Improve information accuracy

Our intuitive automation tech minimises manual data entry, helping improve accuracy across your entire organisation.

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Focus on meaningful work

With automation taking care of repetitive tasks, your staff are free to focus on the creative and strategic projects that will grow your business.

Transform paperwork into e-forms

Ditch the paperwork and save time and storage space by building your own custom e-forms. Our business process management feature empowers your teams to build e-forms of all kinds including support help desks, loan applications, sales orders, agile meeting retrospectives – you name it, you can build it! Choose from multiple field types, such as date pickers, drop-down lists, and HTML, to build bespoke e-forms that match your business needs.

Business Process Management

Improve accuracy with smart workflows technology

Smart workflows technology, such as dynamic field changes that automatically hide or display fields when an action takes place, and automatic updates that are triggered by workflow events, help your processes run smoothly and accurately.

Business Process Management

Strengthen your stakeholder relationships

Give your business partners, customers, and third-parties easy access to your e-forms using our secure extranets feature. Whether you’re a financial institution that needs to provide loan applications to customers, or you have an external-facing technical support helpdesk, you can strengthen your stakeholder relationships by sharing the e-form goodness and saving them from paperwork too.

Business Process Management

Save time with automated workflows

Build bespoke workflows to automate both simple and complex processes, saving you time from repetitive tasks so you can focus on more meaningful work. Whenever data is entered into an e-form, your workflow will beaver away in the background to distribute the information to the relevant team members or process it to the next stage.

Business Process Management

Uncover insights with reporting

Analysing the data gathered from your e-forms and workflows is crucial to gaining important insights, helping you to continuously improve and optimise your processes. Our Business Process Management software comes with a built-in report wizard with smart filtering features, allowing you to create custom reports for detailed analysis.

Business Process Management

Monitor your processes on your intranet homepage

Push important e-form and workflow updates directly to your homepage using our content management system. Your teams can monitor SLAs, open items, status updates, and more as soon as they access the system, giving them instant insights. Each widget can be customised to show data from specific e-forms and workflows, and displays everything in an engaging and intuitive dashboard.

Business Process Management

Improve resolution times with SLAs and notifications

Our SLAs feature automatically checks the progress of each e-form against its resolution time, flagging up any high priority issues to the relevant team members so they can handle them quickly and efficiently. You can also set up notifications for each e-form, so that tailored alerts are sent to the right people or shared email inboxes.

Business Process Management