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Build within the Claromentis framework

Our extensive experience combined with the flexible Claromentis framework allows our custom web development team to create business web applications for you with minimum risk, at low cost, on time, and on budget.

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Quick development in the flexible Claromentis framework

Our framework instantly provides an enormous amount of functionality that all businesses need – such as people management, e-learning, e-forms and workflows, permissions, customisable intranet themes, localisation, and Active Directory integration. But if you need something a bit more unique, we can also integrate your existing information or applications into our framework to fulfil additional business requirements.

Our development approach

With many years of experience of developing custom web applications and social web applications around the world, we use a proven process that removes all possibility of confusion and gives you and your colleagues confidence in every step of the project.

ISO 9001:2015 compliant

We are an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company, meaning our custom web development process follows the appropriate steps:

  • Exploratory discussions
  • Initial meetings to whiteboard and discuss the requirements
  • A 3-iteration prototype phase to incorporate your continuous feedback
  • Sign off of the prototype and provision of a fixed cost final pricing for the project
  • Design, development, and testing
  • Client review and deployment

Our consultative approach

Initial meetings provide access to our business consultants to debate your idea in a friendly, open and consultative atmosphere, and to review all possible solutions and implications. Once the business goals and approach to development have been finalised, we provide you with a cost of the initial prototype. With our extensive experience, we can also provide a general estimate for the total bespoke software project, before any commitment is made.


Our prototyping approach

The prototype phase turns your ideas into a clickable wireframe for your review, wherever in the world you are based. We use agile methodologies so our team is able to react to your feedback and rapidly change the software to reflect your requirements. For many customers this is an immensely helpful and rewarding process, as we are able to help take initial ideas about business software applications, mature them into detailed interfaces, and illustrate how the system will behave for different roles of users and administrators. The prototype phase for bespoke software has three main purposes:

  • To validate the idea in our customer’s mind and educate Claromentis staff on the business requirements.
  • To provide detail so that costs are defined and we can develop on a fixed budget basis.
  • To provide the actual specifications for design and development.

Intranet Web Development