Learning - Collaboration - Productivity

The Vision We Live By

To create a beautiful and powerful digital workplace that supports learning, collaboration and productivity. We provide people with a consistent experience and integrated functionality to make a real difference at work.

Our goal is to make the digital workplace as exciting, accessible, useful and as fun to use as our corresponding experience as consumers of personal software.

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The Mission We're On

As an intranet provider we want to work with organizations of all sizes, locations and industry sectors; constantly growing to meet our customers' evolving business needs.

Our mission is to do all of this while creating an intuitive experience for our customers through our beautiful designs.

Claromentis = Clear Mind in Latin

17 year-old company
GLOBAL presence
1m+ lines of code
9999 cups of coffee

Our Core Values

Listen and Understand - we will always listen to our clients first to gain a deep understanding of their businesses

Quality - we will always strive to provide exceptional quality in absolutely everything we do.

Team Spirit - our teams have a positive spirit and a ‘can-do’ attitude to solving problems and overcoming issues.

Clarity - we build partnerships, trust and friendships through open, clear and honest communication.

Fun - we provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for both our employees and customers.

Our Purpose is to Make a Difference

At Claromentis, we are changing the way people work and making organisations better workplaces. Our customers use our product every day to build a culture of openness and to help teams and individuals work together.

Our people love what they do and as an intranet company we experience the benefits of using Claromentis every day and are committed to making a positive difference worldwide.