Learning - Collaboration - Productivity

The Vision We Live By

As global intranet providers, our mission is to create a beautiful and powerful digital workplace that supports learning, collaboration and productivity.

Our goal is to provide a consistent, intuitive, and beautiful workspace experience to continually support people in their everyday work, with seamless access to other specialist applications that may be vital to the company’s workforce.

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The Mission We're On

As an intranet software provider, our customers range from the largest global brands such as Virgin and eBay, to ambitious and driven SMEs, as well as charities, non-profit organisations, and educational institutions. Our mission is to create beautifully designed and technologically sound digital workplaces that are accessible to companies of all sizes, locations, and industries, constantly growing and changing to meet our customers' evolving business needs.

Claromentis = Clear Mind in Latin

19 year-old company
GLOBAL presence
1m+ lines of code
9999 cups of coffee

Our Core Values

Listen and Understand - We will always listen to our clients first to gain a deep understanding of their businesses.

Quality - We will continuously reinvent our products to remain modern, reliable, fast, and secure, whilst benefiting from appropriate new technologies and devices.

Team Spirit - Our people love what they do and we value enthusiasm, honesty, clarity, and individual excellence in addition to productive collaboration in teams.

Clarity - We build partnerships, trust, and friendships through open, clear, and honest communication.

Fun - We provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for both our employees and customers.

Our Purpose is to Make a Difference

At Claromentis, we are changing the way people work and making organisations better workplaces. Our customers use our product every day to build a culture of openness and to help teams and individuals work together.

We are an intranet supplier who experience the benefits of using Claromentis ourselves every day, utilising our extensive Business Process Management platform for our help desk, and our Intranet platform for our internal HR, collaboration, and sales management processes.

We are committed to making a positive difference worldwide by helping to define the digital landscapes used by our clients.