Claromentis Wins Real Business Culture Award for 2nd Year

Recently we published our top 6 tried and tested tips for improving company culture. Having been voted one of the UK’s Top 25 SME Culture Leaders by Real Business last year, we wanted to share our award-winning best practises to help other companies create amazing cultures too.

So imagine our delight when we were recognised as a SME culture leader for the 2nd year running. Even better, we beat our ranking last year to reach 16th place. To be awarded not once, but twice, for leading the way in company culture, is a fantastic validation of all the hard work we put into creating an organisational culture that we’re proud of.

This award has given us a real sense of validation. We know how good our culture is, but now we’ve got an official seal of approval we can show the outside world. Once we’d finished celebrating our win, we paused to reflect how we could do even better, so it’s also given us the motivation to take things further.

Nigel Davies, Claromentis CEO

What’s the UK’s Top 25 SME Culture Leaders award all about?

Every year, a panel of experts judge the workplace culture of SMEs across the UK. Looking way beyond frivolous office perks like free coffee and ping-pong, the panel evaluates each SME’s culture and scores them on their values, approach, long-term vision, culture in practice, and business impact.

A wide selection of MDs, CEOs, co-founders, and directors from businesses like Glassdoor, Breathe, and Fast Company lead the panel of culture experts, who take the time to recognise and reward organisations who go above and beyond to promote a great company culture.

Why did Claromentis win (again)?

Our collaborative approach to company culture is what makes us stand out. Our culture is volunteer-led by our enthusiastic “BeHappy” team, made up of people from all departments. Organising everything from birthdays and work anniversaries to monthly breakfasts and social events, our team work hard to create an inclusive culture that suits different interests and personalities.

We also heavily invest in learning and development. All staff are given their own personal training budget of £1500 a year to spend how they wish, with 5 training or study days available to attend workshops, conferences, or to learn at home.

We’re also huge advocates for flexible and remote working. Our digital workplace software gives our staff the freedom to work wherever they feel most inspired – but of course everyone still enjoys coming into the office to experience the camaraderie!

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