Intranet Services

Intranet Workflow Software Creation & Digital Forms

We can help build your e-forms and workflows

We offer walk-through advice and hands-on assistance at every stage in the deployment of our workflow automation software. Take advantage of our intranet digital form and workflow creation and deployment services to save time, or attend walk-through training workshops to empower you to start building your own processes.

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E-form design training

If you’re introducing a new Business Process Management solution within your organisation, we’re here to help you through each stage in the project. We offer advice and assistance in the evaluation of your current processes with the aim of introducing improvements as well as identifying business needs that can be addressed using our software.

Workflow creation and deployment services

To save time, our services team can build and deploy your e-forms and workflows for you. We’ll start the project by gaining a clear understanding of your process requirements through various research gathering techniques. A cycle of iterations and modifications will take place to ensure we’ve got it just right before fully deploying your new e-forms and workflows.

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reports on workflow data

Analyse workflow data through reports

Once a business process has been created and deployed, it’s important to analyse the data to continuously improve the process. Our workflow automation platform contains a complete report wizard to enable employees, with the necessary permission rights, to run reports. During our workshop, we’ll show you how to create both basic and advanced reports using the report wizard.

Training to build and manage your processes

These training sessions will provide employees with the knowledge to efficiently start creating and deploying organisational-wide processes and e-forms internally. Having attended the e-form and workflow training, you’ll have an overall understanding of the functionality to proceed with the implementation, management and automation of your processes.

training to build and manage your processes