Intranet for Manufacturing

Manufacturing intranet software

Unite frontline workers and dispersed teams with a manufacturing intranet that connects people to the tools and information they need to work effectively. Our centralised digital workplace frees your teams’ time by streamlining processes and HR admin, whilst improving internal communications and knowledge sharing thanks to in-built and easy-to-use collaboration tools.

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Manage HR processes for manufacturing employees

Manage HR processes for manufacturing employees

Handling HR procedures for large scale enterprises such as manufacturing can be time intensive and costly. Minimise these risks by managing all HR processes on your manufacturing intranet, such as vacation and leave requests, recruitment, and appraisal reviews. Store all HR documentation on your digital workplace’s document management system to make sure staff have this vital information at their fingertips.

Create an intranet for everyone – whatever their language

With over 11,000 system messages available to localise, you can create a multi-lingual intranet for your global manufacturing offices. Your content managers can also create multi-lingual Knowledge Base articles, allowing staff to simply toggle to the language that they speak in a single click.

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dashboard for summary statistics

Track financial stats with dashboards

Track your finances and key manufacturing statistics directly on your intranet homepage using our Business Process Management software. Complete with six built-in dashboards that display data at-a-glance, our software allows to you to streamline all your business processes, from product development, to stock control, and budgets, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Share updates on your intranet

Avoid the mass email and staff memos by posting all key events, industry news, and company announcements on your intranet, where content is fresh, real-time, and always accessible. Target news, blogs, and announcements on your intranet homepage so that team members from all locations are up-to-date with the latest developments as soon as they login.

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Manage HR processes for manufacturing employees

Organise your manufacturing documents

Manufacturing companies will produce reams of documentation, including product descriptions, quality control, and risk assessments. Keep these organised with our Document Management System, which will streamline workflows, manage version control, and improve accuracy. All updates are fully audited too, and you can view previous versions in just a click.

Connect manufacturing staff from across the globe

Have dispersed teams across the globe? Connect them with ease using a digital workplace. Communication tools like corporate social networking, instant messaging, and discussion areas allow staff to communicate and collaborate regardless of their location.

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