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Intranet software for manufacturing

Bring employees and stakeholders across the board together with an integrated digital workplace. Industry news, marketing updates, and HR administration can all be handled online, streamlining internal processes and connecting people from multiple locations.

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Manage HR processes for manufacturing employees

Handling HR procedures for large scale enterprises such as manufacturing can be time intensive and costly. Minimise the time and money spent by managing all HR processes on the intranet, such as vacation and leave requests, recruitment, disciplinary procedures, and appraisal reviews. All HR documentation can be accessed on the company intranet, ensuring staff have vital information at their fingertips.

Intranets for manufacturing | Claromentis

A secure and multi-lingual intranet

Manufacturing companies who have locations across the globe can create a completely multi-lingual intranet. Our software can be localised to a number of different languages, making it fully accessible to all employees, wherever they are based. Intranet content can be created in multiple versions for each language, allowing users to simply toggle to the language that they speak. The core Claromentis digital workplace contains over 11,000 messages, all of which can be localised.

Intranets for manufacturing | Claromentis

Financial dashboards and statistics

Track the finances and manufacturing statistics using our Business Process Management Platform, which comes complete with six built-in dashboards that provide key data at-a-glance. All business processes, from product development, to stock control, and budgets, can be reported online in the digital workplace, minimising error and increasing efficiency.

Intranets for manufacturing | Claromentis

Marketing updates on the intranet

The internal comms and marketing teams are critical within manufacturing companies, ensuring that all staff are kept in the loop of key events, industry news, and company announcements. Avoid the mass emails and staff memos by posting all communication on the intranet, where content can be fresh, real-time, and always accessible. All news, blogs, and announcements can be added to the intranet homepage, so that team members from all locations are up-to-date with the latest marketing developments.

Intranets for manufacturing | Claromentis

Secure and version controlled documents

Manufacturing companies will produce reams of documentation, including product descriptions, quality control, and risk assessments. As products develop over time, all documentation needs to be updated to reflect the latest changes. Using a Document Management System promotes efficient workflows and robust version control, ensuring that all updates to documentation are fully audited, with the ability to access previous versions for review.

Intranets for manufacturing | Claromentis

Connect manufacturing staff from across the globe

With dispersed teams across international locations, connecting with teammates in one part of the world from another is traditionally difficult. Using corporate social networking apps within the digital workplace allows staff to communicate and collaborate with ease, providing staff with intuitive and engaging communication tools as soon as they logon.

Intranets for manufacturing | Claromentis