Intranet for Corporations

Intranet software for corporations

Connect every team member in your corporation with our range of collaboration, workflow, and compliance tools. Using our corporate intranet software features, you can fully merge all departmental functions into one integrated digital workplace, increasing productivity, communication, and efficiency.

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Unify department communication and collaboration

Our social networking and communication tools connect all departments within your company, taking collaboration and social project management to exciting new levels.

Corporate extranet portals

Your company can collaborate with all stakeholders securely using the built-in extranet portals. Work with your clients in any location and at any time using our mobile-responsive digital workplace or native smartphone app.

Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Streamline training

Transform your corporate training with the Claromentis Learning Management System, allowing you to create bespoke e-learning packages that will help staff uncover their true potential.

E-forms and workflows

Reduce your corporate paperwork by digitising forms using our Business Process Management platform. Traditionally slow processes can be converted into automated workflows, freeing up time, resources, and money.

Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Shared calendars

Meeting management made simple; share your corporate calendars to view availability at a glance and organise meetings in a flash.

A secure digital workplace

The Claromentis digital workplace provides secure peace of mind for corporate clients, with access rights customisable to suit your internal and external processes. Corporate intranet software has never been so efficient!

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