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Supporting Global Charity Stakeholders

A Claromentis charity intranet can deliver significant benefits to the way in which each individual non-profit organization works. From part-time volunteers to the Chief Executive and trustees, all charity stakeholders are positively affected due to streamlined business processes, enhanced collaboration and increased knowledge sharing.

Extranet Areas for Charity Stakeholders

Secure extranet portals can be created to support a range of non-profit and charity stakeholders, from board members to fundraisers. Charity and non-profit organizations often require support from a variety of volunteers to assist with the daily fulfilment of important tasks and goals. The ability to create multiple extranets provides various charity stakeholders with secure areas to collaborate and discover important information.

Extranet Areas

Learning Management System for Staff & Volunteers

Bespoke training courses, modules and assessments can be created through a SCORM 1.2 package and can include PowerPoint presentations, documents, videos and URLs. The Claromentis Learning Management System can be added as an additional module to the charity intranet or stakeholder extranet portal. The Learning Management System can support both volunteers and employees to help progress their skills and development. Customised learning paths and course validity time-periods are also available.


Multilingual Intranet Capabilities

With many charities and non-profit organizations operating on a global scale, multilingual intranet functionality is essential. Claromentis Intranet Software can be translated into any language meaning that menus, commands, messages and content are presented in the chosen language of the end user. Once translated, the fully localized system is assigned to particular intranet users or groups.

Multiple Languages

Collaborate Across Charity and Non-Profit Teams

Permission-based activity streams to allow departments and project teams to securely share information and collaborate in real-time are available through the Claromentis Corporate Social Networking Application. Twitter and Facebook-like functionality exists through the ability to tag users and 'like' posts.

Team Collaboration

Centrally Manage Charity Projects

Effectively manage and progress charity projects with the Claromentis Social Project Management Application. Create secure project spaces on your charity intranet with the ability to collaborate, share documents, schedule events and assign tasks.

Project Management

Create Online Forms

Custom charity E-forms can be created to replace the distribution, collection and processing of paper-based forms in a non-profit organization. They can be used to assist with a variety of processes, such as an application process for volunteers to supporting administrative staff.

Features include:

  • Notifications
  • Dynamic Fields
  • SLAs
  • Statistics
  • CSS Styling
  • Permissions (users, roles and groups)
  • Reporting and Searching capabilities
  • Workflows
  • Connection to External Data Sources (custom development)

Online Forms

Share Charity Information & Fundraising Initiatives

Keep charity intranet users up-to-date with the Claromentis Intranet News Application. Share organizational-wide or group-specific information through permission-based intranet news channels. These news channels can be easily set-up to reflect the unique structure of each charity or non-profit. Charity intranet users can add responses to each news article, or this feature can be disabled.

News & Updates

Distribute Charity Policies

Create and distribute important policies on your charity intranet through the Claromentis Policy Management intranet application. Allocate policy duration dates to notify charity intranet users of expired policies and assign permission rights to appropriate users to view relevant policies.

Policy Management

Decentralised & Easy-to-Use Content Management

A decentralized approach to the management of content on a charity intranet is often adopted to ensure each department can create content. Adding content to the charity intranet is easy to complete and doesn't require coding or technical knowledge. The built-in permission engine ensures content is presented to the necessary stakeholders.

Content Management

Easy to Manage & Implement Permission Settings

Claromentis has a built-in permission system which is used to group educational stakeholders and assign differing levels of permissions. Granular permission rights can be assigned to groups, roles and individual users. The intranet permission system is easy to implement and maintain, and ensures the configuration of stakeholders' user experiences are appropriate.

In-Built Permissions

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