Non-Profit Intranet

Intranet software for charities and non-profits

Our intranet software for charities and non profit organisations connects each and every one of your organisation’s stakeholders to one collaborative space, from your part-time volunteers to the chief executive and trustees. With streamlined business processes, enhanced collaboration, and increased knowledge sharing, our software takes care of the day-to-day running of your non-profit so that you can focus on what matters most – making a positive difference.

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Build your own intranet

Our drag & drop content management system gives you the power to build your own personalised charity intranet, where you can choose from over 40 configurable intranet widgets to build your homepage, departmental pages, and team sites. 

Connect your charity stakeholders

Non-profit organisations rely on a variety of different stakeholders to spread awareness, reach fundraising targets, and rally support. Giving your stakeholders secure extranet access to collaborate and stay informed of important updates will make sure everyone is connected and working towards the same shared goals.

connect the stakeholders in your charity
Provide your charity workforce with training

Invest in stakeholder training

Providing your volunteers, employees, and field workers the opportunity to learn and develop their skills will help them stay up-to-date with your charity’s mission and any legislative changes that affect your cause. Our e-learning software gives you the tools to invest in your stakeholders’ professional development, with buildable training courses, personalised learning paths, and interactive quizzes.

A multilingual intranet for your global charity

With many charities and non-profit organisations operating on a global scale, multilingual intranet functionality is essential. You can translate our intranet software into any language so that menus, system messages, and content are displayed in the chosen language of the end user. Once translated, you can assign different languages to particular staff or teams.

A multilingual intranet for your global charity

Book a personalised demo

Schedule a time to speak to our team of experts about your project goals and we’ll show you how the Claromentis platform can help you achieve them.

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collaborate across teams

Collaborate across teams

Our corporate social networking application and collaboration areas empower departments and project teams to share information and collaborate in real-time. Staff can @mention coworkers and “like” posts using our built-in Twitter and Facebook-like functionality, as well as share files, images, and links.

Centrally manage charity projects

Our project management tools help you effectively manage and track the progress of your charity projects. Create dedicated project areas on your charity intranet to collaborate, share documents, schedule events, and assign tasks. Stay in-the-know of pending tasks with our dashboard widgets, which display all upcoming tasks and projects on your intranet homepage.

task management for your charity projects
eliminate paperwork using our e-forms

Streamline processes with e-forms

Eliminate paperwork by replacing them with your own interactive e-forms. Use our e-forms and workflows software to build custom e-forms and automate internal processes, such as volunteer application forms, purchase order requests, and health & safety assessments. Not only will this improve accuracy, it will save time from manual processes so that your charity can focus its efforts on more important issues.

Share charity information and fundraising initiatives

Keep charity staff and stakeholders up-to-date with our intranet news application. Using our built-in permissions framework, you can target specific content to teams or individuals so that they only see information that’s relevant to their role. Social features such as comments and “likes” help foster engagement and interaction, as well as allowing you to spot which pieces of content are most popular.

share charity events using the news system
Manage your charity policies

Easily distribute charity policies

Automate your charity’s policy management process using our policy management app, where you can simplify distribution and improve policy acceptance rates. You can also add “mandatory read” widgets to your intranet homepage to make sure your staff never miss critical policies.