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Policy Management Software

Manage corporate policies

The Claromentis Policy Management application is a fully audited lifecycle management tool, contributing to a corporate environment where policies can be proactively and efficiently managed. The ability to input deadlines into the system enables users to adhere to specific time frames, and intranet administrators can track acceptance rates.

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Manage the policy lifecycle

Track policies at each stage of the lifecycle, where workflows can be set up and easily managed, allowing key staff to be introduced at the appropriate stages to share their views and opinions.

Policy Management

Integrate a full range of policy information formats

Policy Manager can support a complete range of information, including customisable online content, internal intranet documents, external files, or web links to appropriate resources on the internet – such as primary legislation information.

Policy Management

Categorise company policies and procedures

The application allows for policies and procedures to be categorised, resulting in specific lists which can be filtered and made available to the appropriate departments for easy management.

Policy Management

Policy archive

QA managers are able to review all previous actions and completed tasks throughout the policy management lifecycle. End users can browse and search for company policies in a comprehensive archive.

Policy Management

Mandatory policies

When mandatory policies or policy revisions are issued to the target audience, they will be automatically notified to review the new information. Once they have completed this request the information is recorded for tracking and auditing purposes. Mandatory policies are displayed in a separate category, allowing for easy management of essential company compliance.

Policy Management