Intranet Services

Intranet Services – Overview

Professional intranet services that will make your intranet a success

Deploying a new intranet into your business can be challenging. It’s a company wide change that affects how your teams communicate, collaborate, and get work done. We know what makes a successful intranet, which is why we provide a range of professional intranet services that will help you get your new company intranet set up, launched, and delivering value for the long run.

Intranet onboarding services

Our personalised onboarding sessions will ensure your intranet gets off to the best start. Our project managers will work closely with your intranet project team to understand your business and objectives, what intranet services would help you to meet your goals. We provide best practice guidance that will ensure your platform aligns with your vision from day one.

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Intranet training

Our trainers are in-house Claromentis experts, and deliver online training that combines specialist knowledge with hands-on advice. Our training sessions cover all aspects of our business platform – from building intranet sites to utilising corporate social networking. This can be tailored to your exact needs.

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Customer success and support

Launching your intranet is an important step, but it’s by no means the end of your intranet journey. Our customer success and support teams are here to help you manage and maintain a successful intranet that will improve employee engagement and internal communications, as well as provide you with outstanding technical support whenever you need it.

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E-forms & workflows creation and training

Our e-forms and workflows software is a powerful tool that allows you to turn your internal business processes into online forms and automated workflows, helping you improve accuracy and share information faster. As part of our professional intranet services, we can help you make the switch from paper-based to online processes, or build your e-forms and workflows from scratch.

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Custom intranet apps

Looking for a bespoke intranet app or custom third-party integration? We have a dedicated, in-house custom development team for this custom intranet development service. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your requirements; design, develop, and test your custom app; and provide ongoing support once it’s live on your system.

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Intranet design services

We build our intranet software to be easily customisable straight out of the box, so that you can create multiple intranet sites for your teams with no tech expertise needed. But if you’re looking for a truly bespoke intranet, our dedicated designers are on hand to help you build a custom intranet brand that reflects your business.

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