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Our digital workplace provides your HR department with the tools to improve information sharing, streamline processes, and support training needs. Our HR intranet software boosts your team’s productivity by having all HR materials in one place, as well as providing employee self-service tools with our dedicated HR application.

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Centralise employee information

Centralise all your employee records using our People application, where you can store contact details, employees’ skills and experience, endorsements, and “thank yous”. Staff can update areas of their own profile, giving them a personalised space to call their own.

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Automate employee holiday requests

Automate your employee leave request process using our Holiday Planner application, where staff can request holiday directly in your intranet in just a few clicks. Your HR team can also set up approval workflows that automatically send leave requests to the relevant line managers for approval. Our smart Holiday Zones feature allows you to manage leave requests for staff in different timezones, ideal for businesses who have global offices.

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Build engaging inductions for new hires

Providing new starters with engaging induction programs will help them to quickly and happily settle into their new role. New employees also need to understand their organisation’s mission, values, personnel practices, health and safety rules, and of course the job they’re required to do. Use our built-in content management system to aid this process by creating a dedicated induction page that includes all helpful documents, news articles, e-learning courses, and policies in one central place.

Create an induction page for all new hires

Streamline appraisals and performance reviews

Make it easier for management teams to evaluate their employees’ performance by building appraisal e-forms and workflows. Our software allows you to capture feedback, progress each appraisal through a predefined workflow, and automatically assign it to the relevant team members for a smooth and streamlined appraisal process.

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Promote internal job vacancies

Promote internal job openings on your HR intranet by sharing the job specs on dedicated news channels and corporate social networking areas. Build workflows to manage your organisation’s internal recruitment process, from receiving the initial application to notifying the successful candidate.

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We’ve had a good experience working with the design team […] we were very pleased with the way our new intranet turned out. The look and feel were exactly what we had asked for.

Kathie, HR Manager

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Manage HR policies and procedures

Create, distribute, and monitor acceptance rates of all your HR policies using our Policy Manager application. Use our Mandatory Read intranet widget to ensure that mandatory policies are targeted to the relevant employees and to improve compliance levels.

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Store encrypted employee documents

Confidential HR documents such as contracts and salary details can be stored and encrypted within our HR application, so that only HR managers with the required access rights can view them.

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Build employee self-service areas

Use our Knowledge Base app to create HR articles, such as details about employee perks and benefits, to provide employees with a self-service area to find information and ask questions.

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Share HR news and announcements

Keep your staff up-to-date by sharing departmental or organisational-wide updates using our intranet news application. Target content to specific teams or individuals using our built-in permissions framework, so that they only see the information they need.

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Make expenses management easy

Empower employees to take ownership of their expenses by using our dedicated app, where staff can submit expenses on their intranet, track progress, and get notified when it’s been approved. 

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