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Knowledge Base

Share knowledge and collaborate with ease

The Claromentis Knowledge Base application provides organisations with a centralised collaborative area where information can easily be created, securely stored, retrieved and shared with appropriate intranet users or groups. This application coupled with the intranet/extranet platform offers employees a complete digital workspace as they can share knowledge, effectively collaborate and fulfil business tasks and activities.

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Permission-based categories

System Administrators can create article categories and allocate the appropriate permission settings to individual users, groups or roles through the admin panel. Each article adheres to the permission structure of the category to which it has been assigned. Article categories are prominently displayed in the front-end area of the application to group articles with similar themes and subject matters.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Tag clouds

Word tags frequently assigned to articles within the Knowledge Base are visually represented as a tag cloud. These tag clouds offer users an intuitive experience by dynamically highlighting the most relevant and/or popular words associated with previously published articles. System administrators can select the most fitting word tags when they are submitting an article to the Knowledge Base to further support the rapid location of relevant information.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Keep information fresh

An element of planning can be incorporated into the Knowledge Base application in regards to the publication and removal of intranet articles. This ensures that out-dated information is automatically removed and that the organisation’s intranet acts as a hub for relevant and up-to-date information. Furthermore, if an article is not ready for publication it can only be accessed by system administrators.

Intranet Knowledge Base

WYSIWYG editor

The Knowledge Base WYSISYG Editor offers system administrators numerous tools to efficiently create visually attractive articles. The ability to preview the article’s content before it has been published is also available. The WYSIWYG Editor has been designed to simplify the process of adding content and enables an easy-to-use intranet for non-technical employees requirements specific to each organisation and their security policy.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Add videos, images, Google Maps and embed media

To enrich intranet users’ experience and provide visual elements within the Knowledge Base article, a range of media types can be uploaded using the WYSIWYG Editor. The option to either embed media or upload it directly to the Knowledge Base is available.

Intranet Knowledge Base

‘Like’ articles and add comments

The Knowledge Base application has been integrated with our corporate social networking application. Intranet users can therefore ‘like’ an article, add a comment and attach a link, file or document. The total number of ‘likes’ associated with each individual article can be viewed by all users, whereas the number of article views can be seen from the administrators’ panel.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Ask questions

Having read an article in the Knowledge Base, intranet users can submit a question to the previously assigned system administrator(s). This is an efficient method for gaining further insight into a particular area as questions are routed to the most appropriate person.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Smart article searching

Intranet users can quickly locate relevant articles through the Keyword Search feature. Individual categories can be searched to further refine the search results. All article content is indexed to ensure quality search results are produced.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Multilingual channels

When a system administrator creates an article within the Knowledge Base, it can be categorised into a specific language channel. These language channels can also be searched separately and are used to effectively communicate with multi-lingual departments or employees.

Intranet Knowledge Base