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Knowledge Base Software

Easily share information and collaborate using knowledge base software

Break down company silos and improve information sharing with our knowledge management software, which provides teams with a centralised space for creating engaging and shareable content that will enhance your company’s expertise.

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Create content-rich articles

In-built content management tools empower your employees to create engaging articles that include text, images, and video.

Build a more knowledgeable workforce

Our knowledge management system is a one-stop-shop for your teams to find the information they need and ask questions to departmental experts.

Empower your support team

Support agents can easily locate the information they need from our centralised knowledge base, giving them autonomy and enhancing the customer experience.

Boost engagement with social media-inspired features

Staff can engage with their favourite articles by adding “likes”, sharing content to their coworkers, adding comments, and subscribing to automatic updates.

Build your own content-rich knowledge base articles

Our knowledge base software comes complete with an in-built content management system, allowing your teams to create content-rich articles without the need for any technical or coding experience. Simply click to change the font and layout, add images, links, and files, and embed videos and Google Maps.

Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Improve your organisation’s knowledge and services

Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation, having a knowledgeable workforce is essential to your organisation’s bottom line. Our knowledge base system is a hub for centralising all of your company processes and information, giving your teams a single source of truth for obtaining accurate and up-to-date data.

Ask questions and get answers from internal experts

Our knowledge base software allows your team to post questions directly to your departmental experts, so they can get quick insights from the most knowledgeable staff. Team members can collaborate on answers by adding feedback, and subscribe to question posts to get notified whenever there’s an update.

Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Organise information with categories and tags

Create unlimited categories in our knowledge base software to keep your company knowledge organised and easy to find. Categorise knowledge base articles by team, department, or office location, and add tags to help staff find related content quickly.

Engage with and promote your favourite content

Our in-built social collaboration tools enable your teams to engage with the content they love best. Staff can “like” articles and add comments, as well as add endorsements to promote high-quality content. Share articles to your coworkers in a couple of clicks, and subscribe to articles or knowledge base categories to get notified when new content is added.

Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Enhance your customer support services

Use our knowledge base software as a customer service portal, providing your teams with a centralised hub of knowledge that will aid them when responding to customer support tickets. Your teams can even create dedicated how-to articles, tutorials, and user manuals to share to your customers for extra guidance.

Support your global teams with language channels

If you have teams who work across the globe, our language channels feature allows you to create knowledge base articles in multiple languages. Once an article is published, staff will automatically see the article in their own language, or they can simply toggle to the language they need.

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