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Corporate communication and collaboration

Claromentis offers a variety of social collaboration applications and features along with business tools. The following collaborative and social intranet applications are fully available and can be configured depending on your organisation’s social needs and preferences. Employees can collaborate securely due to the in-built permission engine which is present throughout all of Claromentis’ Intranet Applications.

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Project management collaboration

Effectively manage all aspects of running a project, from start to finish, in a secure, centralized area using the Claromentis Social Project Management Intranet Application. Collaborate with colleagues in real-time regardless of location or device and reduce the number of internal e-mails being sent. Keep team members updated and continuously progress projects with the built-in task and event management functionality. Share files, links and documents in the project’s activity stream.

Project management light bulb in orange circle

Social departmental and team activity streams

Create departmental, team and organisational-wide social intranet activity streams to enable employees to post comments and share information on their Claromentis Intranet. Additionally, each intranet user has their very own personal activity stream containing posts from colleagues they’re following, comments they’ve posted and their ‘liked’ posts, along with posts in which they have been tagged. Documents, files and links to external websites can be attached along with each employee comment.

Collaboration: Social Departmental

Follow and tag employees

Tagging (@) employees in posts ensures they receive automatic notifications – making it easier to start discussions and gain feedback. Tagging intranet users reduces the need to send internal e-mails due to the built-in notification feature. A list of employees who are currently following you and colleagues you’re following – are viewable from each user’s intranet profile.

Collaborations: Follow and tag employees

Create a Google+ Hangout, access Skype and LinkedIn

The Claromentis Intranet Profiles application has been integrated with the world’s leading social networking sites to give employees instant access to the features on offer. Within Claromentis Intranet Software, employees can gain access to Google+, LinkedIn and Skype to complete the following tasks:

  • Send messages to other colleagues through LinkedIn
  • Access their Skype account to start a video conference
  • Create a Google+ hangout and invite others

Collaboration: Google+ Hangout, Access Skype & LinkedIn


Comment and 'Like' posts

Claromentis Intranet Software contains Facebook-like functionality such as the ability to ‘like’ and respond directly to individual posts. Employees’ posts are presented in chronological order, with the most recent posts at the begining. Corporate social networking features promote collaboration and interaction on the corporate intranet.

Collaborations: Comment and like

Collaborative knowledge base

The Claromentis Knowledge Base application offers organisations an area to store, share and collaborate on a variety of intranet articles. Subject-matter experts can easily create intranet articles, ranging from ‘how-to’ manuals to operational guidelines using the WYSIWYG Editor. A collaboration area allowing employees to post their comments and feedback along with relevant attachments, is additionally available. Employees can also ‘like’ articles stored within the Knowledge base.

Collaboration: Knowledgebase

Intranet forums

Create intranet collaboration forums on any topic using Claromentis Intranet Software to provide employees with a secure space to share their ideas and suggestions. Employees can subscribe to forum posts related to their specific departments or areas of interest to receive update notifications. A level of moderation can also be applied (if required) and managed by intranet administrators.

Collaborations: Forums

Polls and surveys

Intranet users can quickly create custom polls and surveys to gauge the consensus of employees on a particular subject. Once an intranet user has placed their vote, an ongoing overview of the votes previously placed is viewable.

Collaboration: Knowledge Base

Corporate Facebook & Twitter RSS feeds

Using the Claromentis Facebook and Twitter homepage widget, an organisation can pull in updates from their corporate accounts onto their intranet. This widget can be applied to the intranet’s homepage or individual publish pages.

Collaborations: Social Feeds

News articles and channels

Intranet administrators can create and publish news articles through permission-based news channels. News channels can be set up to reflect the departmental or team structure of an organisation, alternatively, they can be company-wide. Images, external links and tags can be added to each news article. Employees can respond to a news article by placing a comment, or the ‘article commenting’ feature can be turned off for specific news articles.

Collaboration: News Articles and channels