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Intranet software for law firms and legal teams

We offer fully featured, law firm intranet software that has everything your practise needs for a complete and auditable digital workplace. From restricted document management to robust workflows, we custom design and create tailored intranet software to suit your business needs and requirements, improving communication and efficiency in the workplace. See why our bespoke intranet software for solicitors provide the very best features and security to ensure that your team is at full efficiency.

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Legal policy compliance

Our Policy Manager application allows you to easily manage your legal compliance and procedures, enabling a secure and central place for the creation, distribution, and reporting of vital policies.

Intranets for law firms | Claromentis

Extranet portals for legal firms

Legal representatives and clients can collaborate, share documents, and manage processes efficiently through our secure extranet portals, which come as standard with our Intranet Platform.

Intranets for law firms | Claromentis

Internal communication and collaboration

Our communication and collaboration tools encourage productive and organised working amongst team members, as well as improve internal comms within legal firms to promote community spirit.

Intranets for law firms | Claromentis

E-forms and workflows

Organising your workload has never been easier; our Business Process Management platform transforms legal paperwork into e-forms and workflows, enabling automated and systematic working that’s fully audited and reportable.

Intranets for law firms | Claromentis

Securely working together

We understand that your legal information and documents are confidential; Claromentis provides a secure solution that allows you complete control over access rights using our robust permissions system.

Intranets for law firms | Claromentis