Law Firm Intranet

Intranet software for law firms and legal teams

Our law firm intranet has everything your staff members need for improving communication, getting quick access to information, and boosting employee engagement within one centralised digital workplace. Fast-paced legal firms can quickly and easily find the business-critical data they need using our knowledge management and document management systems, helping team members work with greater efficiency.

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Find the legal documents you need, fast

Our intranet software for law firms allows teams to centrally and securely store important legal documentation in a single location, making it easier to find definitive information that’s up-to-date and version-controlled. Manage access rights for every folder and file using document permissions, so that you can keep confidential data under wraps.


Manage your policies and improve compliance rates

Policy management is a vital feature of any law firm software, and our intranet platform includes effective policy management tools as standard. Create and distribute policies to targeted teams or departments, and add ‘mandatory read’ widgets to your intranet homepage to improve visibility and boost policy compliance rates.

claromentis_policy_mandatory read

Improve communication and collaboration with extranets

Your legal teams can connect with your clients directly using our extranet features, which provides external stakeholders with secure and restricted access to certain areas of your intranet. Easily share documents, collaborate on projects, and communicate effectively with your external partners in a single communal space.


Turn your legal paperwork into automated online forms

Organising your workload has never been easier thanks to our e-forms and workflows software, which transforms your legal paperwork into automated online forms and business processes. Our software will save valuable time from manual admin, improve accuracy by reducing human error, and liberate your teams from repetitive tasks so they can focus on delivering meaningful results.


Enhance your team and client relationships

By using intranet software for law firms, you can utilise its staff directory features to centralise team information such as contact details, skills and expertise, awards, and even hobbies. Combined with extranet tools, our people directory will strengthen the bond between your teams and clients by putting names to faces and making it easier to connect.