Intranet Solutions

Intranet for Internal Communications

Drive Internal Engagement with Claromentis

As a communications professional, you understand the importance of seamless information flow. Claromentis unifies intranet, e-forms, workflows, e-learning, and task management, offering a holistic platform for effective internal communications.

    • Easily disseminate updates, news, and resources while fostering employee interaction.
    • Enhance transparency and engagement through integrated collaboration tools.
    • Simplify content distribution, measure engagement.
    • Foster a sense of belonging among employees.

With Claromentis, your role becomes a conduit for informed, engaged, and connected teams, driving a vibrant company culture.

Internal Comms

Our user-friendly intranet solution forms the core of your digital workplace, elevating job satisfaction, enhancing workflows, and fostering high engagement throughout your organisation. We empower your teams to excel and drive business growth. Marketing teams equips your marketing team to align external and internal strategies, plan campaigns, and measure outcomes in one central hub. Additionally, our HR intranet software improves information sharing, process efficiency, and onboarding, enhancing overall productivity within your team.

Marketing Department

Provide marketing teams a central hub for aligning internal and external strategies, planning campaigns, and measuring results efficiently.
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HR Department

Centralise HR resources, enhance autonomy, reduce admin, and accelerate processes with a single easy-to-use accessible employee hub.
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C-Suite and Management

Elevate job satisfaction, streamline workflows, and boost engagement to accelerate business growth, empowering teams for success.
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