Manage client data and transform internal comms with ease

Intranets for insurance companies can offer so much more than document storage and policy management. The modern digital workplace allows teams to collaborate online, build your client base, and enhance productivity, all within one integrated platform.

Knowledge sharing at its quickest

There are insurance policies for almost everything; health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance – the list goes on. So how can sales agents keep up to speed with the in-depth details of every policy? A centralised knowledge base app ensures that all policy information, from initial sales pitches to the terms and conditions, are available just a few clicks away. Having key data at your fingertips will accelerate information gathering and ensure customers receive accurate advice.


Centralised insurance policies and documents

A smarter Document Management System means smarter working. Our DMS allows you to create unlimited hierarchies of folders, enabling you to store policy documents, claims, and quotes according to any category imaginable. Document tags can be added to each file, linking all related information for easy navigation. Our version control engine provides an auditable revision history for each and every document, ensuring intuitive tracking of policy updates and claimant information.

Internal Communications

Manage insurance claims with e-forms and workflows

Complete with an integrated Business Process Management platform, the Claromentis digital workplace satisfies all insurance policy processing needs. From quote generations to claim submissions, all paperwork can be transformed into e-forms and workflows, saving time and reducing admin costs. Opening up access to claimants via the in-built extranet system means that clients can submit claims directly to your intranet, and insurance handlers can communicate back via the messaging tool.


Identify insights with intuitive reporting

Build customised reports for all e-forms to uncover useful insights, such as trends in insurance claims, abandoned quote requests, and frequent customer enquiries. With copious data on hand for review and analysis, sales agents will be knowledgeable and way ahead of the game when selling policies, providing customer support, and issuing claims. Better informed staff leads to better customer service, driving client satisfaction and profits.

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Enhanced internal comms in insurance teams

An active internal comms team are vital in the insurance business, keeping staff informed of the latest industry news, new sales and products, and customer satisfaction rates. Don’t let this key information get lost in the email inbox; get the data out there quickly and efficiently by posting on the company intranet, attracting high levels of engagement and attention rates.

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Secure permissions and access for all insurance data

Data submitted for insurance claims, policy renewals, and quote requests are incredibly sensitive, containing personal and financial information that needs to be stored and handled confidentially. Our secure intranet provides peace of mind for both insurance handlers and claimants. Our robust permissions engine is prevalent throughout our entire digital workplace, ensuring that data is accessed only by the authorised staff through the use of customisable access rights.

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