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Intranet Software for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Organisations

We create and design bespoke and custom financial digital workplaces tailored to your business requirements. We have a wide range of customers situated within the financial industry, in particular, the banking and credit union sectors. Over the last decade, our teams have worked with financial institutions on projects of varying sizes; from out-of-the-box financial intranet software deployments to full-scale custom development projects. The ability to fulfil core business functions and streamline internal processes makes Claromentis one of the most comprehensive intranet software and digital workplace solutions for the financial industry.

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Custom e-forms and workflows

E-forms can be built to manage a range of processes; from internal purchase order requests to public-facing mortgage application forms. Complex workflows can be implemented, data effectively captured and presented in graphical format. It is also possible to connect to a range of different databases and applications with custom development.

Features include:

  • Notifications Dynamic Fields
  • SLAs
  • Statistics
  • CSS Styling
  • Permissions (users, roles and groups)
  • Reporting and Searching capabilities
  • Workflows
  • Connection to External Data Sources

Intranets for finance | Claromentis

User activity audits

All intranet user activity within your finance intranet is monitored and recorded, unless otherwise configured. The audit application captures the date/time, IP address, user ID, data concerned and action performed. Intranet administrators can specify their preference in regards to the intranet applications they’d like to track and monitor. Features associated with each application can be individually audited.

Intranets for finance | Claromentis

Industry-standard security and permissions

The built-in security settings ensure your finance intranet is fully protected from the following security attacks; SQL injection, CSRF attacks, cross site scripting (XSS), session hijacking and brute force attacks. Additionally, PHP files are encrypted and due to a special error handler, it is impossible for unauthorised users to see the internal structure. The permission system allows for administrators to distribute user-rights across departments. IP ranges can also be restricted to certain security levels.

Intranets for finance | Claromentis

Policies and procedures

Our policy management application provides a fully audited policy lifecycle tool. Workflows can be configured to allow for individual employees or groups to contribute their views before the policy is distributed. Policy review dates can be set up with automatic notifications issued once the date has been reached to ensure that financial policies are both up-to-date and relevant.

Intranets for finance | Claromentis

Compliance management

Targeted employees must comply with a particular document, page, forum post or external URL using our compliance management application. Intranet administrators can issue automatic notifications to employees who have not complied with the initial request. Reports can additionally be generated to monitor the progress of each compliance procedure.

Intranets for finance | Claromentis

Permission-based team collaboration

Permission-based project spaces or collaboration areas can be created to enable employees to securely work together. The in-built permission system allows intranet administrators to set up secure channels based on their organisation’s departmental structure. Permission rights can be assigned to individual employees, groups or employees with particular roles.

Intranets for finance | Claromentis