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Choose the digital workplace provider that’s trusted by tens of thousands of financial sector employees around the globe. With process automation, e-forms, centralised communication features, and policy management, our intranet and digital workplace software gives your teams everything they need to do their job in a secure and productive environment.

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Choose the most comprehensive financial intranet solution out there

Over the last decade, our teams have worked with banks, credit unions, and financial institutions on projects of all scopes; from out-of-the-box financial intranet software deployments to full-scale custom development projects. Our powerful software helps you handle core business functions and streamline internal processes, making Claromentis one of the most comprehensive digital workplace solutions for the financial industry.

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Build custom e-forms and workflows for your financial processes

Build e-forms and workflows for any financial process your teams need, from internal purchase order requests to public-facing mortgage application forms. Use our smart features to automatically assign e-forms to specific finance team members, and capture data from every e-form submission to gather insights and analyse key trends.

Encourage staff development with gamified e-learning

Create and deliver training courses to your staff using our e-learning software. Every employee can follow their own learning path, achieve training certificates, and collaborate with their coworkers within a central nurturing environment. Award intranet badges to staff who meet their training milestones to inspire motivation and engagement.


Secure your financial intranet with permissions

Some areas of your financial intranet should only be accessible to certain teams or senior management. You can easily control access rights using our built-in permissions system, where you can tailor exactly who can view or access particular documents, pages, policies, or e-forms.

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Manage financial policies proactively

Your financial organisation must conform to specialised financial industry policies and procedures in order to operate. Our policy management application allows you to manage the entire workflow of your policies, from creation and approval through to distribution and acceptance. Increase acceptance rates by adding mandatory read widgets to your intranet homepage, so it’s the first thing employees see when they login.


Organise your financial documents with version control

Staying up-to-date with the latest industry regulations is crucial for your finance teams. Our version-controlled Document Management System displays the latest version of each and every document, such as acceptance criteria for loans, eligibility checks, and account terms & conditions, so that your team are always working from up-to-the-minute information.

Improve cross-departmental collaboration

Break down office silos and unite your teams with centralised collaboration tools, including our communication app for one-to-one conversations and our corporate social networking tool for company-wide collaboration. Providing your teams with a single space for collaboration will make sure that your staff can keep conversations focussed, and not get side-tracked by emails and constant app-switching.


Intranet banking tools to support your teams and improve customer service

Financial institutions, credit unions, and the banking industry are governed by complicated regulations that can be difficult to relay to customers. Enable employees to give the best possible customer service with financial intranet tools that are built to enhance internal communications and knowledge sharing, such as employee profiles, knowledge base software, and intranet forums.