The Digital Workplace by Claromentis

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The Digital Workplace: Explored

The Claromentis Digital Workplace Explained

The Potential of the Digital Workplace

Create your Digital Workplace

You are welcome to take as little or as much of our workplace as you need to meet your immediate needs, and evolve over time.

Take it gradually

Customers normally initially take on one or two of our platforms – for example Intranet and Business Processes – and add others as and when needed over time. For change management reasons this is our recommended approach to assist in a smooth take up from users.

Extend your Physical Workplace

Our platform acts as an extension of your workplace and brings real value in the form of increased collaboration, efficiency, learning and getting the job done. A strong single permission framework and a consistent interface provides support for working efficiently.

Fully Responsive and Mobile

The workplace works on any device – desktops, tablets and phones. We also provide social networking applications for iPhone and Android. We offer both in house and cloud solutions so you can access from anywhere – including a global workforce requiring different interface languages.

Integrate with other Systems

Integrate with the software systems your employees are already using and create a single gateway using role specific access and comprehensive identity management. Make it easy for users to access other specialized or legacy applications from within the workplace.

Build your own Functionality

Extend the capabilities of our framework by creating custom applications and functionality. The availability of our framework makes custom development a rapid process using prototypes - we have an experienced and dedicated team that can do this for you – or you can work directly in our API.

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