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Efficient and productive project management software

Centralise projects, increase productivity, and enhance communication with our project management software. With all project details and tasks in one central digital workplace, and automatic alerts that remind staff about upcoming deadlines, you can better deliver projects on time and in budget.

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Streamline your project management with dashboards

Our project management software dashboard provides every team member with a summary of their ongoing projects and upcoming tasks. With at-a-glance project details, RAG status, and progress indicator, our dashboard makes for easy and intuitive project management.

Project Management

Create unlimited project areas

Build unlimited project areas that include all the information you need to get your project off the ground, such as client details and requirements, RAG status, project team members, project codes, and related assets. Save valuable time by creating pre-defined project templates, handy for when you need to create similar projects on a regular basis.

Project Management

Centralise your project management data

Our project management software works synchronously with other apps in our digital workplace, so that you’re supported with all relevant information and functionality in one central hub, such as version controlled document management, user directories, and secure permissions.

Project Management

Keep track of tasks in one place

Consolidate all essential task information such as requirements, due date, and priority, into one central place to get your project moving forward. Staff can keep track of tasks that are assigned to them, and project managers can view at-a-glance who may be overwhelmed or under-worked.

Project Management

Encourage collaborative project management

Your project teams can collaborate on tasks and projects using our built-in Discussions area, dedicated to making project conversations easy and productive. Communicate with all project team members, stakeholders, and clients to ensure project decisions are made in a collaborative environment.

Project Management

View project progress in an instant with homepage widgets

Bring project management to the front and centre of your employees’ workflow with our two dedicated homepage widgets, which push relevant tasks and project data directly to the intranet homepage. Staff can view upcoming deadlines, mark their tasks as ‘complete’, and view overall project progress as soon as they login to their intranet.

Project Management

Control access rights for each and every project

Our project management software integrates with our People application and permissions engine, so that you can control access rights for all project stakeholders and ensure they only see information that’s relevant to them.

Project Management

Never miss a deadline with automatic notifications

Staff will receive automatic notifications throughout the project process, including whenever a task is assigned to them, a task is updated, or a new message is posted. Automatic alerts ensure that staff never miss key project events, helping you deliver projects faster and within budget.

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