Project Management Software Overview

Efficient and productive project management software

We provide project management software that allows your staff to create projects, increase productivity in the workplace, and enhance communication with ease. Resources, progress, and tasks can all be monitored in one digital workplace making it easier to access at any point. Automatic notifications keep everyone informed of progress throughout the entire project and ensure that all staff are kept up to date within your organisation.

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Your project dashboard

The project dashboard allows each user to review the projects and tasks in which they are involved in one central place. The dashboard shows at a glance project details, RAG status, and progress indicator, making management easy and intuitive.

Project Management

Project management within the digital workplace

The Project Management Platform works alongside other applications within the Digital Workplace to ensure that you are supported with all relevant information and functionality, including version controlled document management, user directories, and secure permissions.

Create projects

New projects can be created from scratch or be built upon pre-defined project templates, saving time and resources when duplicate projects are needed on a regular basis. Projects can include details such as images, client information, project codes, full description, and RAG status. Fully customisable metadata and relevant workflows – such as risk assessment – can be integrated with extensions, allowing the application to be adapted to your precise needs.

Manage tasks

Unlimited tasks can be assigned to a project, with description, due date, priority, and assigned resources all available at a glance. Users can see their own tasks, those that they are following, and those they have permissions to view from a single interactive dashboard.

Project Management

Social project management

Project teams can collaborate on tasks and projects using the in-built “Discussions” area, dedicated to making project conversations easy and productive. Communicate with all project team members, stakeholders, and clients to facilitate collaboration and project progress.

Project Management

Homepage components

Bring project management to your homepage with our two dedicated components; “My Tasks” and “My Projects”. Both components work by pushing relevant tasks and project data straight to your homepage, ensuring that you never miss an update.

Project resources

The Project Management Platform integrates with the Intranet Platform People application, and system-wide permissions engine. This ensures the correct information is presented to project managers, executive sponsors, team members and clients as required. As with all Claromentis applications, the Project Management Platform includes role specific functionality, so that users can be assigned the correct permissions related to project information, team, tasks, discussions, and project files.

Notifications and following

Users can follow projects and tasks to ensure they are kept fully informed of all activities. The Digital Workplace notification engine is fully utilised to notify users of key project events, such as new discussions, new replies, project updates or status change, a task assignment, or task update.

Project Management

Project files and documents

The Project Management Platform fully integrates with our enterprise level Document Management System, where project files are automatically added to a pre-defined and permissioned folder.

Project Management