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Holiday Planner

Manage employee holidays and leave

Our Holiday Planner software is a core component of our digital workplace and provides your organisation with an efficient system to record, track, and authorise employee absence. Easily manage key aspects of employee leave, such as holiday time zones, holiday allowance, sick leave, and public holidays.

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Holiday zones for an international workforce

“Holiday zones” is our handy holiday management feature that allows you to manage holiday requests for staff based in different timezones – perfect for businesses with dispersed global offices. Within each holiday zone you can manage holiday allowance, carry-over limits and expiration dates, and holiday periods.

Manage International Employee Holidays

Holiday planner dashboard

The Holiday Planner dashboard provides employees with an at-a-glance snapshot of their remaining holidays, pending requests, and colleagues who are out that day. Assigned managers will also see an overview of their subordinates’ absences and holiday requests.

Manage International Employee Holidays

Manage staff holiday requests

Employee holiday requests will ping straight to their assigned manager, who will receive a notification to either approve or decline the request. A “pending absence requests” component can be added to managers’ intranet homepage, so they can approve or deny requests as soon as they login.

Manage International Employee Holidays

Assign holiday quotas

Assign holiday quotas for each employee using our Holiday Planner app. Holiday quotas can be set in advance too, useful for businesses who offer incremental holiday allowance for each year of service.

Assign Quotas to Employees

See who's out of the office

Add the “Who’s Out” intranet widget to your homepage to see who’s away from the office that day and the next.

See Who's Out Today with the Widget

Setup public holidays

Add public holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter to different holiday zones, so that they are relevant according to office location. Public holidays will not affect employees’ holiday quotas and they can be setup to occur once or every year.

Common Annual Holidays or Bank Holidays

View holiday reports

Run reports on employee holidays, sickness, and absences using our built-in reporting tool.

Run Holiday Reports