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Holiday Planner

Corporate holiday planner software

The Holiday Planner application is a core component of the Intranet platform and offers organisations a system to record, track and authorise employee absence. Easily define important aspects of managing employee leave, such as: holiday time zones, employee quotas and common corporate holidays.

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Holiday zones for an international workforce

Accurately manage the holiday requests of a geographically dispersed workforce with the creation of multiple holiday time zones. The multiple time zone feature assists international organisations in the assignment of differing public holidays to specified groups of employees. With each holiday time zone the number of days in which employees can carry holidays over, along with an expiry date, can additionally be configured.

Manage International Employee Holidays

Holiday dashboard

Our Holiday Planning Intranet App offers employees an overview snapshot of remaining holidays, pending requests and colleagues currently on holiday leave. Employees will only be able to see absent employees if they have been included in the same holiday group. Assigned managers will also be presented with an overview of all absent employees using the Holiday Planner’s Dashboard, this is particularly useful for managers overseeing a large team.

Manage International Employee Holidays

Notify managers to approve or decline requests

Employees can submit holiday requests via their holiday dashboards for the consideration of their managers. These assigned managers will receive a notification to either approve or decline the request. Pending requests can be additionally viewed on a manager’s dashboard to efficiently keep track of all submitted requests. An overview summary of a team’s upcoming absence is accessible by the team’s manager to assist with the effective management of employee leave.

Manage International Employee Holidays

Assign holiday quotas

The Holiday Planner application supports the allocation of holiday quotas to individual users and groups. Companies sometimes offer increased holiday quotas based on the number of years their employees have been with them. The ability to set user quotes for upcoming years is also present within the Holiday Planning Intranet application.

Assign Quotas to Employees

'Who's Out Today' intranet widget

The ‘Who’s Out Today’ widget is often applied to the intranet homepage to provide employees with a short daily summary of employees absent from the office.

See Who's Out Today with the Widget

Common public holidays

Common holidays otherwise known as ‘public holidays’ can be created and assigned to preconfigured time zones within the Holiday Planner Intranet Application. Common holidays will not affect employees’ holiday quotas and they can be one-off or reoccurring.

Common Annual Holidays or Bank Holidays

View holiday reports

The built-in report and filtering engine showcases reports by groups and days. The ‘Group’ reports calculates the total number of days taken as holiday be groups of employees, with the option of including specific day types, for example: Sickness Days. The ‘Day’ report segments the type of employee leave that has taken place within a specific time frame.

Run Holiday Reports