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A hassle-free cloud based intranet solution for your business

Claromentis’ cloud intranet solution provides your organisation with a simple, hassle-free intranet setup that will save time, remove the need for internal tech expertise, and get you intranet-ready in weeks. Our cost effective solution covers your intranet software licence, installation, cloud hosting on Google Cloud Platform, system backups, and more, so that your teams can focus on reaping the benefits of using a company intranet – without the stress of managing it themselves.

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Start using your cloud based intranet in weeks, not months

The days of waiting months to launch an intranet are long gone. Thanks to our cloud based intranet solution, your business intranet can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Our in-house technical and customer support teams are on hand to help you get the most out of your cloud intranet, so that you get maximum value from day one. We’ll take you through our personalised onboarding plan to ensure your cloud intranet is built to engage and gets high employee usage.


Easily manage costs with one simple pricing plan

Setting up your own intranet server, installing security updates, and configuring firewalls costs time and money. And that’s just for starters – there are ongoing costs too, such as scaling up storage space and running regular backups. Our cloud based intranets reduce this complexity by consolidating all cloud deployment costs into one easy-to-manage subscription, liberating teams from expensive and time consuming admin.


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Improve the employee experience with a cloud based all-in-one platform

Our cloud based intranet software is more than just an internal communications tool. Claromentis gives teams an integrated digital workplace that combines all the intranet software features you’d expect with interactive business applications that you wouldn’t, such as project management tools, e-learning, digital forms, and workflow automation. This means you can replace multiple tools with a single all-in-one platform that gives your office-based and remote workers the best employee experience for working productively.


Feel safe knowing that your cloud intranet and data is secure

Keeping your cloud intranet software and company data safe against external threats is essential. When you choose a Claromentis cloud based intranet, you’ll be getting a secure system that’s hosted on its own private network within Google Cloud Platform, giving you high levels of protection out of the box. We’re also compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and HIPAA, regularly run vulnerability scans and penetration testing on all cloud based company intranets, and encrypt all data in use, in transit and at rest – so your intranet is in safe hands.


Book a personalised demo

Schedule a time to speak to our team of experts about your project goals and we’ll show you how the Claromentis platform can help you achieve them.

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Cloud Based Intranet FAQs


What is a cloud based intranet?

Cloud based intranet software is hosted on a remote server, i.e. in “the cloud”, and is accessed via the internet. The remote server is usually provided by a third party that is external to the intranet vendor. At Claromentis, for example, we use Google Cloud Platform to host our cloud based intranets.

In the past, most intranets were hosted on an organisation’s own internal infrastructure – this is called on premise intranet hosting. Hosting an intranet on premise usually costs businesses more time and money, and it requires them to stay on top of the latest tech, security, and updates to ensure the system is technologically sound as well as appealing to those who use it. Employee engagement is key to an intranet’s success, so it’s essential that the system is kept up-to-date.

Whilst on premise intranet hosting is still an option, cloud based intranet solutions have become more and more popular thanks to their low initial cost and ongoing convenience.

Hosting an intranet on a cloud based system means that it’s the responsibility of the intranet vendor to look after its upkeep. That means they will deploy the software, maintain the server, run backups and monitoring, install security updates and patches, and much more besides.

Businesses that choose a cloud intranet will quickly discover the benefits it brings, including:

  • Simpler pricing: A cloud based intranet doesn’t have any large upfront costs, add-ons, or hidden extras. Everything is included in one monthly subscription, helping companies to spread costs and know exactly what they’ll be paying every month.
  • No need for internal IT teams: One of the biggest advantages of a cloud based intranet is that you don’t need an in-house IT team to manage it. And even if you do have an internal IT team, they are often overstretched and under-resourced, and may not have the bandwidth to constantly support the company’s intranet server. Instead, the intranet vendor will take care of everything as part of your cloud intranet subscription.
  • In-built security: As part of your cloud based intranet package, you’ll get in-built intranet security as standard. Claromentis’ cloud intranets include multi-level firewalls, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, brute force protection, monitoring, and encryption, amongst many other measures, to keep your intranet safe.
  • Scalability: The best cloud based intranet solution is one that’s scalable. So if your business starts to grow, your intranet can grow with you. At Claromentis, we can easily scale up your cloud intranet storage so that you have more space for all your important company data.