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Strengthen your stakeholder relationships with powerful extranet software

Connect your external users to your internal network with our extranet solutions, which give teams a central, secure space to communicate, collaborate, and share information with third-parties. Our extranet features provide your organisation with the tools to solidify your relationships with external stakeholders, such as business partners, contractors, and customers.

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One central space for collaboration

Internal and external teams can collaborate from a single location, eliminating the need for fragmented apps or additional software.

Keep company data private

Both our intranet and extranet software include configurable permission settings, meaning you can keep confidential business data under lock and key.

Work towards the same goals

Our centralised extranet makes it simpler for your teams and external partners to work together towards common goals.

Personalise the experience

Add targeted content and tailored branding to your extranets to give stakeholders a unique private network of their own.

Give stakeholders their own extended intranet

Provide your clients, suppliers, and partners with access to their very own extranet, which features the same comprehensive apps as your intranet platform. Your stakeholders can benefit from the same streamlined, productive, and intuitive experience on the extranet as your internal workforce.

Extranet Features

Keep your internal data safe and secure with permissions

Our in-built permissions system gives you total control over who can access specific data, meaning you can keep your internal business information under wraps from external third-parties. The very characteristics of extranets mean they’re completely separate from one another, which ensures that certain information is only available to the relevant teams.

Extranet Features

Create your own custom extranet themes

Our content management system gives your teams the power to build personalised themes for every extranet area. Add logos, change colour schemes, and customise content per extranet to build a solid partnership between your organisation and external stakeholders.

Extranet Features

Connect with stakeholders from around the world

Our web-based framework allows your staff and external partners to work together, whether they’re located in the same office or across continents. Your staff and external partners can simply sign-in to a single integrated platform, promoting team collaboration and productive working.

Extranet Features

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