Claromentis Customer Portal, Discover, Goes Public

author Hannah Voice, August 3, 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Claromentis Customer Portal, Discover, is now publicly available. The Story Eight years ago, in April 2007, we launched the Claromentis Customer Support Portal, Discover. Each customer was designated a number of user accounts, allowing their administrators to log and track support issues, submit enhancement requests and download user […]

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Measuring learning and tracking skills with Training Records

author Kerensa Johnson, July 30, 2015

E-learning and training is incredibly important in businesses of any size, where staff members are required to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. There are a vast number of tools and learning management systems out there to facilitate the training process, as well as packages which allow for the creation and design of […]

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What is an Intranet and how does it work?

author Nigel Davies, July 27, 2015

What is an Intranet? As web software continues to evolve, cloud computing moves firmly into the mainstream and discussions abound about the corporate digital workplace and the necessity to access anywhere on any device I though it would be timely to pause and think about what Intranets are, and indeed what they are not. In […]

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The Digital Workplace – a fun and engaging place to be

author Kerensa Johnson, July 24, 2015

Intranets have been around in the workplace for a long time, and have come a very long way since their initial implementation. The first intranets were certainly different from how we know and use them today, and originally consisted of static webpages for the purposes of providing information to staff members. Fast forward a few […]

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Tracking Individual Skill Development and Learning on Intranet profiles

author Nigel Davies, July 20, 2015

In the digital workplace the benefit of a consistent user experience and true integration are clearly of critical importance. In the case of the Learning Management System this is particularly clear. In any user-centric system  – and in our view all digital workplaces should be user centric – the skills and training of the users […]

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Eventbrite Integration in Our Intranet Calendars

author Michael Christian, July 16, 2015

 We just completed an integration project with Eventbrite ­ allowing public events to be pulled into relevant Claromentis Intranet Calendars. This was a requirement that came from a client that is a major hospital in Pennsylvania. The problem they needed to solve was that they use our intranet calendars heavily, but they also had […]

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The Intranet from an HR perspective – The Ultimate Guide

author Nigel Davies, July 15, 2015

In many of our Intranet and Digital Workplace projects the Human Resources department are very much involved and they have a range of interesting challenges and perspectives. In my view as the user centric experience becomes more and more fundamental to digital workplaces modern HR practitioners have a central and important role to embrace as […]

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Software containers – why all the hype?

author Kerensa Johnson, July 10, 2015

There is currently a lot of buzz in the technology world about something called “software containers”, or just “containers”. They are said to be revolutionary, and bringing all the biggest names in technology together. Here at Claromentis, we are certainly excited about the latest developments and enhancements in container technology, and are exploring the ways […]

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The Intranet is not Dead

author Nigel Davies, July 9, 2015

…it just grew legs, ran out from behind the firewall and became a quarter of a Digital Workplace As the digital workplace continues to dominate our product plans and strategy it is very relevant and though provoking to see articles that announce the intranet as dead. I was reading an interesting post on the OpenDNS […]

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Twitter Bootstrap Button Styles – Best Practices

author Michael Christian, July 8, 2015

User Interface (UI) designers frequently use colour to convey meanings and to add extra visual cues to the interface. We are all familiar with the association of the colour red with “danger”, and green with “OK”. The Twitter Bootstrap already provides a set of pre-styled buttons, but what is the best practise for using these […]

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