Advantages of Using an Intranet Messenger vs Messenger Apps

As more teams switch to remote work, selecting the right communication tool will be a critical success and growth determinant for most companies. Popular commercial communication platforms such as Slack and Discord have been the go-to solution for businesses. But

Top 5 Internal Communication Tips for Employee Engagement

When researching the best internal communication methods that will enhance employee engagement amongst your teams, it’s essential that you look beyond (way, way beyond) email.  For far too long, many organisations have been relying on this method of internal communication,

How to Use Credit Union Intranets for Employee Engagement

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging for financial institution employees to stay connected with everything going on at their company. But there are a few ways a credit union intranet can help to improve employee engagement. Below, we’ll

Why All-In-One Intranet Packages Provide the Best Value

Is your intranet package providing as much value to your teams as it should? If productivity levels are stagnating, it might suggest that your chosen intranet solution is in trouble and in need of an upgrade. There are many common

Employee Intranet: 6 Benefits For the New Remote Workforce

The global workforce is changing. Companies are looking for ways to make their company more competitive by leveraging talent from anywhere in the world.  A recent UK study by Claromentis reveals that 73% of UK workers want to split their

10 Steps to Plan a Digital Workplace Solution for Your Industry

Businesses have a new set of challenges to face in the digital age. Employees are increasingly looking for more flexible, collaborative and mobile work environments that allow them to manage their own time and achieve higher productivity levels.  The modern

Intranet Cloud Storage: The Future of Document Management?

In a busy working environment, there is a need for order, structure, and a practical approach to running the working day. Intranet software with built-in document management is a huge asset to any business and provides many benefits that will

Why a Digital Workplace is Good for Employee Retention

Thanks to the digital workplace, your team members are able to work remotely with relatively little disruption to their day-to-day tasks. As it stands, employees are increasingly coming to expect remote and flexible working to come as standard with most

5 Simple Reasons Why You Need an Intranet for Your Business

It seems like the question of whether or not an intranet for business is necessary has been answered time and time again. Still, many companies do not have one because they don’t understand how much it can benefit them. Intranet

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