How to Support Next Gen Workers With Online Recruitment

Online recruitment has been a necessity for many businesses over the past 18 months. With most offices closed in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions, organisations have had to take their recruitment process online, holding virtual interviews via video conferencing rather…

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How to Choose the Best Extranet Software For Your Company

If you’re looking for the best way to share information with clients, suppliers, or external business partners, extranet software is an excellent solution. However, some businesses struggle to understand where their extranet ends and their intranet software begins. Both software…

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Top 5 Company Intranet Forms You Should Be Using

Intranet forms and workflows help businesses to capture data, automate processes, eliminate paperwork, and save time through increased efficiency. That’s a lot of benefits from just one piece of software. So what is it exactly? What is an intranet form?…

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Are Intranets Obsolete? Three Easy Ways to Revive Yours

Is your company intranet looking dusty, neglected, and underused? The temptation, of course, is to write off intranets entirely. “They’re a hangover from the mid-noughties” we hear you cry. “No-one uses them anyway, no matter how much we update it.”…

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