5 Reasons Why an Intranet Benefits the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies face a competing set of challenges such as streamlining operations, keeping employees productive, and maintaining rigorous quality control, all whilst navigating the new era of changes that Industry 4.0 brings. And like so many businesses, manufacturing companies have…

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How to Improve Internal Communication Using Your Intranet

Promoting effective internal communication between team members and across the entire company is essential. Otherwise, a lack of good internal comms will hinder many areas of your business.  Picture this: an important project needs to be pushed forward, but before…

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5 Ways to Improve Internal Communications for Franchises

Internal communications for franchises have never been a particularly easy thing to manage. Keeping a number of technically separate businesses – in different locations, under different management – on-brand and up-to-date can be a challenge.  You can make things easier…

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How To Choose the Best Intranet Company to Partner With

When choosing an intranet company to partner with, the number of options out there can seem overwhelming. How do you know which vendor will provide the best intranet software for your business? Which intranet features are essential? And will the…

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3 Major Reasons Why SharePoint is an Old Technology

Microsoft SharePoint boasts millions of users across the globe. But given that SharePoint Online is now bundled with Office 365, how many people are actually using it and getting value from it? Indeed, a quick online search tells you that…

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Why an Intranet Email System is Better Than a Business Email

When businesses first had access to email, it seemed like an amazing piece of technology, which would revolutionise the way we worked. Indeed, it was nothing short of a technological revolution at the time, offering near-instantaneous personal communication. Now, however,…

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