3 Learning Management System Examples That Will Inspire You

Learning management systems are increasingly becoming a staple in organisations’ software toolkit, as people’s appetite for expanding their skills and knowledge continues to grow. Indeed, a report by LinkedIn Learning found that 57% of L&D professionals spend more time managing…

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How to Design the Best Company Intranet

Packed with tools that support all business functions, you cannot afford to ignore the potential of a great company intranet solution. Whereas in the past a company intranet was little more than a boring interface used to display quick access…

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How Much Does It Cost to Set Up an Intranet?

A company intranet is a powerful tool and will benefit your organisation in numerous ways – from increasing employee productivity to improving internal communication, knowledge sharing, employee engagement, and much more besides. But how much does it cost to set…

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Why Employee Engagement Relies on Workflow Management

By automating repetitive processes and digitising paperwork, workflow management does a lot of the heavy lifting that can otherwise drown your business operations teams. For instance, workflow management software can run manual tasks – such as invoicing, expense claims, and…

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