How to make onboarding a remote employee more effective

Getting a new team member fully operational and “clued up” quickly is a commercial imperative, and a central plank of a positive business culture. Particularly if your sector suffers from staff churn, and new recruits are joining your ranks regularly….

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5 Essentials for a Brilliant Digital Workplace

A solid digital workplace strategy is no longer optional for most organisations. As we gradually move out of lockdown and employees want to retain some of the home working practices 2020 has necessitated, an engaging digital workplace will be essential…

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How To Use Workgroups to Encourage a Collaborative Culture

Two of the primary buzzwords in modern industry and commerce are “collaboration” and “empowerment”. Both have been supported – if not stimulated to new levels – by the advent of digital workplaces. Put simply, business transformation does not simply hinge…

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Give staff a workplace to call home

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