4 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organisations Should Go Digital

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and companies have been reviewing and relying on their digital workplace strategies in order to ensure that they can function effectively in ‘the new normal’. Creating an effective and powerful digital workplace…

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How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Workplace

There is no doubt about it, there are many benefits to working within a digital workplace, from improved workflows to stronger communication channels. It can be difficult, however, to measure exactly how successful a digital workplace is, particularly if you…

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3 Ways to Regain Autonomy At Work During the Pandemic

As Covid-19 restrictions are being tightened again across the world, it’s easy to feel like we’ve gone backwards rather than forwards. Once again we’re faced with limited socialising and enforced home-working, continued social distancing and face mask-wearing, as well as…

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Why You Need a Resilience Plan for Your Digital Workplace

Most businesses understand the importance of having a digital workplace in today’s world. Technology, business apps, and communication tools are now a part of our working lives, helping us to work more effectively from any location. The Covid-19 pandemic has…

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