Why No-Code Customization is the Future of Business Process Management

Recent global events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic have understandably led many businesses to focus on the external factors that impact their operations. Unstable supply chains, for example, have prevented many manufacturers from obtaining raw materials or components, while rising prices have squeezed budgets and forced businesses to recalculate their margins.

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However, while external influences must be considered, companies should also ensure that their internal business processes support efficiency and productivity. In this article, we’ll discuss how no-code business process automation can transform the way that your organization operates.

What is no-code customization?

No-code customization, also known as zero-code customization, is the ability to modify and personalize software applications, including business process automation software, without a specialist knowledge of coding. It empowers users who do not have the technical expertise to make changes and tailor the software to their specific needs through a user-friendly interface and tools, such as drag-and-drop.

As a no-code software solution, Claromentis enables users to automate and streamline their business processes, for example, to quickly create, update, and configure bespoke e-forms and workflows, without writing a single line of code.

What are the benefits of no-code customization?

No-code customization offers numerous benefits that empower individuals and organizations to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation:

1.It improves accessibility

Most staff who aren’t trained in IT will have a minimal understanding of coding, so it’s important when selecting business process automation software that your team isn’t overwhelmed by its complexity. No-code software makes customization easy by removing the barrier of coding knowledge. Non-technical users can easily modify and personalize processes to their needs, reducing reliance on IT departments and promoting self-sufficiency.

2.It accelerates development cycles

If coding is required for customization, you’ll need in-house IT experts who can manage requests through a dedicated workflow. Staff who make customization requests may have to wait for the work to be completed, which will affect productivity and efficiency. No-code customization accelerates development cycles by eliminating the need for manual coding so that changes and updates can be made swiftly and seamlessly. In short, your team will be able to get things done more quickly and more efficiently.

3.It reduces the risk of errors

No-code customization reduces the risk of introducing errors or bugs into the system. With intuitive visual interfaces and pre-built components, users can create and modify functionalities without writing complex code, minimizing the chance of mistakes, and enhancing overall system stability.

4.It encourages innovation

No-code customization stimulates innovation by empowering your team to experiment, refine, and adapt without technical constraints. This flexibility will encourage a culture of creativity and problem-solving that drives continuous improvement and enables your organization to stay at the forefront of its sector.

A no-code solution that will drive efficiency and productivity

Claromentis E-Forms and Workflow Portal is a no-code software solution that is designed to streamline workflows and simplify the creation of e-forms. As users won’t need any knowledge of coding, your team will be able to work autonomously to shape e-forms and workflows to the needs of the business, without having to wait for an in-house IT team to carry out the work on their behalf.

Also, as a no-code solution, Claromentis E-Forms and Workflow Portal will reduce costs as you won’t need dedicated IT specialists on-site and improve efficiency and productivity across the business.

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