5 Intranet Welcome Message Examples To Make You Stand Out

Looking for some great intranet welcome message examples to create a great first impression of your company to new employees? We’ve got you covered.  All too often, companies neglect their intranets, yet new employees rely on them to learn about

9 Top Features of Intranet Software for Schools

Choosing intranet software for schools can be a difficult decision. There are many factors to consider, and it is essential that you find the features that will work best for your educational institution.  For example, intranets serve as an internal

What Are the Top Digital Workplace Trends in 2021?

It’s no secret that 2021 has been another challenging year for many businesses. So let’s brush over that and focus on the positives, namely, the digital workplace trends that have improved employee experiences and digitised businesses across all industries. Here’s

10 Useful Questions to Ask During an Intranet Demonstration

An intranet is a great way to improve internal communications, connect your workforce, and improve overall organisational efficiency. With proper selection, it can be an excellent tool for any organisation. Yet, you must ask the right questions during the evaluation

3 Tech Examples to Inspire Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is a vital element of any business strategy that aims to improve revenue growth, operational efficiency, employee engagement, or the customer experience. To put it another way, any organisation that wants to remain relevant and competitive will benefit

How to Build an Intranet Portal: A Guide for Managers

A modern intranet portal can help managers accomplish their goals by providing an intuitive way to communicate with their teams and employees. An intranet portal can be a valuable tool for managers to engage with their teams on various projects

Digital Workplace Transformation: Why an Intranet is Essential

Whether you’re starting out on your digital workplace transformation journey or looking to reignite a digital transformation project that went stale, one thing that’s absolutely vital to its success is your company intranet. Before we explain why, let’s take a

6 Benefits of Moving to an Intranet Based Training System

Thanks to the advances in cloud based company intranet software, implementing an intranet based training system is now a possibility – and one that your organisation should readily embrace.   Today’s intranet platforms either come ready-built with user friendly learning management

What Are The Pros and Cons of Enterprise Social Networking?

Enterprise social networking is big business, and has been growing in prominence since the late ‘00s. The demand for companies to incorporate social software that helps employees collaborate has grown significantly over the past five years. Indeed, internal social network

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