3 Things You Should Know About Document Management

3 Things You Should Know About Document Management | Claromentis

Convenience and security in a digital workplace are usually diametrically opposed. The more convenient it is to gain access to something, the less secure it is, and vice versa. Technology often only enhances this sliding scale of convenience versus security….

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Truly Digital Workplaces: A Brief Guide for Businesses

Truly Digital Workplaces A Brief Guide for Businesses | Claromentis

Traditionally, businesses and companies have adopted one model of the workplace – employees sitting at desks during the working day, going home, and then coming in again to repeat the cycle. Not only can this feel repetitive and demoralising for…

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How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Your Intranet?

How do you measure the effectiveness of your intranet | Claromentis

Monitoring performance is critical to the success of your intranet and establishing the value of your digital workplace to your employees. However, metrics rarely come with hard and fast rules, or present a one-size-fits-all solution to determining the effectiveness of…

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