6 Ways an Intranet Supports and Improves Patient Outcomes in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is, undoubtedly, challenging. Workforce shortages, increasing waiting times, and restricted budgets conspire to make it more difficult than ever to meet patient demand and deliver the exceptional level of care for which the UK is renowned. A healthcare intranet is a valuable tool that can help providers, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and GP surgeries, to transform their workflows and give staff the time they need to do what they do best: caring for ill, injured, or vulnerable patients.

In this article, we’ll explore six ways that an intranet can support and improve patient outcomes in healthcare.

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1. Efficient communication and coordination of care

With a constantly changing shift pattern in hospitals, patients will often be cared for by many different staff members, so it’s crucial that clear channels of communication are established for the exchange of information. An intranet in healthcare is a powerful communication hub that connects staff, irrespective of their location or shift. Seamless communication enables healthcare staff to collaborate more closely, share critical information about patients and procedures, and coordinate care more effectively. Errors are less likely to occur, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

2. Centralized storage of compliance e-forms

Compliance is a critical aspect of healthcare as it helps organizations to safeguard patient safety, maintain ethical standards, and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. An intranet can improve compliance by providing a centralized location for the storage and sharing of compliance e-forms to ensure that all healthcare professionals have access to up-to-date information. Effective compliance management keeps staff informed of changes and encourages them to adhere to the latest guidelines and protocols, leading to enhanced patient safety and care quality.

3. Streamlined collaboration and decision-making

E-forms and workflows within the intranet enable easy collaboration among healthcare professionals, fostering better decision-making and increased innovation. By standardizing processes and enabling real-time feedback and approvals, medical teams can work together to devise comprehensive care plans and find solutions to complex medical challenges.

4. Knowledge sharing and expertise

Knowledge sharing and expertise

An intranet acts as an invaluable knowledge-sharing platform so healthcare staff can exchange expertise and best practice. Through forums, discussion boards, and the sharing of research articles, medical staff can access a wealth of knowledge, allowing them to stay informed about the latest medical advancements and techniques. The continuous dissemination of learning and knowledge contributes to improved overall patient care and stimulates professional dialogues that help to shape future approaches to healthcare.

5. Secure communication and information sharing

Secure communication and information sharing

Patient data is highly confidential so healthcare providers must take positive action to safeguard it and prevent the accidental loss or theft of information. Intranet software provides a secure platform for communication and information sharing, ensuring that sensitive data remains safe from unauthorized access. Robust security builds trust among patients and ensures full compliance with data protection regulations.

6. Automated workflows for increased efficiency

Efficient use of time is crucial in high-performance healthcare settings. With staff often pushed to the limit, it can be challenging to take a well-earned rest, with more than one-half of NHS (the publicly funded National Health Service in the UK) staff in the UK saying they are unable to take regular breaks during their shifts. An intranet supports healthcare professionals by automating their daily workflows, simplifying repetitive tasks, and allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively. Automation saves precious time and enables medical staff to focus on delivering exceptional patient care and looking after their own wellbeing.

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