Intranet Collaboration: Driving Better Communication And Productivity Across Your Organisation

People are at the heart of your company’s intranet, and it is their actions and decisions that will determine the success of your business. But employees rarely work effectively in isolation: promoting collaboration enables them to perform their jobs better and encourages multidisciplinary thinking that can improve problem-solving, productivity, and information sharing. This is where intranet collaboration can overhaul the way your team works together.

In this article, we’ll explain how intranet systems can drive collaboration in your workplace and how this will benefit your business.

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What Is Intranet Collaboration?

An intranet is an internal network designed to enhance collaboration and communication among employees within an organization. It serves as a community platform where all staff members can contribute to various projects and initiatives. Collaboration through an intranet is vital to the growth and success of a business.

Virtual spaces where employees can work together

Apart from providing a centralized knowledge base, an effective intranet should offer virtual spaces where employees can work together by sharing and disseminating information, pitching ideas, presenting, and testing hypotheses, and even socializing to build stronger personal connections. This collaborative approach leads to innovative solutions that can drive business growth. The main goal of an intranet is to boost engagement, but it also serves multiple other purposes.

What are the benefits of intranet collaboration?

1. Better Communication

An intranet can promote improved communication with your team and between team members, helping to reshape your business culture and foster a sense of openness and interdependency. There are various ways to achieve this, including:

  • Sharing company-wide announcements and inviting open discussion and feedback.
  • Form discussion rooms where users can collect and react to the views and questions of users about any relevant subject.
  • Setting up dedicated channels for teams to discuss issues, share ideas, and exchange information.
  • Create a knowledge base for internal communications to make it easier for people to contact each other.
  • Build polls and surveys which can be completely anonymous if required.
  • Collect feedback on key issues, policies, and communications procedures, and use this information to enact improvements.

2. Increased Productivity

A company intranet solution can improve productivity by up to 25 per cent, as the tools employees need will be readily available, reducing the time they spend searching for documents or awaiting responses to messages sent to colleagues requesting access to view certain documents.

3. Improved Knowledge Sharing

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In one study, 85 percent of businesses cited quicker access to information as an important benefit of a company intranet solution. With employees reportedly spending up to two hours a day hunting for information, an intranet can centralize knowledge and reduce dependency on email and messaging so that staff can invest their time more usefully in streamlined workflows.

Choosing The Best Intranet Solution For Your Company

Improving collaboration isn’t simply a case of implementing an intranet platform and waiting for the impact. An intranet solution should be part of a wide-ranging overhaul of your business’s approach to collaboration, backed by staff training, target setting, and communication and feedback.

Selecting the best intranet solution for your organizational priorities is also key. At Claromentis, our intranet software features the collaborative, social, and enterprise-level business apps you need to improve collaboration across your business, making it perfect for enhancing internal communication.

  • Our intranet blends effortlessly with project management, e-learning, e-forms, and workflows for seamless digital collaboration.
  • All apps are easily accessible from an integrated digital workspace for effortless communications and knowledge sharing.
  • Centralized tools reduce needless time wastage and improve productivity through seamless workflows.
  • It’s easy to set up and customize with no technical knowledge required.

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