Maximizing Efficiency with Customizable E-Forms and Workflows

As a business grows, so does the quantity of paperwork and processes that need to be effectively managed to prevent staff from becoming submerged by a tsunami of time-consuming administration tasks. Unless workflows are simplified and streamlined, employees are likely to be overwhelmed, which will inevitably lead to plummeting efficiency and job dissatisfaction.

In this article, we’ll discuss how customizable e-forms and workflows can be a game-changer for businesses looking to increase workplace efficiency by streamlining their everyday processes.

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How can customizable e-forms and workflows boost efficiency?

In a competitive marketplace, business efficiency is crucial as it allows your team to get the most from their resources. By reducing waste, they can maximize revenues and widen profit margins, while completing their work more quickly and with fewer errors.

So, how can customizable e-forms and workflows sharpen your business’s efficiency?

Reduce time wastage

According to research, the average employee spends 40 percent of their working week completing time-consuming and repetitive tasks, particularly data entry, data collection, and form-filling. E-form software can reduce the volume of onerous tasks to improve overall workplace efficiency and optimize employees’ performance.

By creating customized forms and workflows, businesses can ensure that employees focus on value-adding activities, bringing forward project completion times and eliminating waste. For example, a business that frequently recruits new staff can create a customized form that requests only the most relevant information, such as their education, career history, and references. This eliminates the need for the HR team to sift through irrelevant information, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Optimize decision-making

Optimize decision-making

In the most efficient workplaces, strategic decisions are made quickly to enable the business to take advantage of emerging growth opportunities. But decision-making isn’t something that should be based on supposition and guesswork. Instead, business leaders need access to real-time insights to understand their company performance, so that informed decisions are made rapidly and without risk to the organization.

Customized workflows improve decision-making by providing employees with access to live business data. By streamlining the decision-making process, businesses can ensure that employees have the right information at the right time, facilitating informed decisions that are aligned with the company’s priorities and goals.

Improve compliance management

Improve compliance management

Customizable workflows help businesses to improve their compliance management. By creating customized e-forms and workflows, your organization can ensure that all necessary information is collected and collated and that processes, such as risk management, corrective action planning, and control evaluations and testing, are correctly implemented.

Customizable business workflow software also ensures that business policies and procedures reflect legal or regulatory requirements and that all staff members adhere to them. More efficient compliance will help to avoid damaging financial penalties that could be levied should transgressions come to light.

How Claromentis e-forms and workflow portal can improve workplace efficiency

At Claromentis, our e-forms and workflow portal enables businesses to create customized forms and workflows without specialist coding knowledge or training. Using a powerful form builder and simple drag-and-drop form fields, your team can create bespoke forms that meet your business’s needs in seconds, transforming workflows and eliminating the time-consuming and inefficient reliance on paper. From help desk requests and sales orders to loan applications and compliance documents, there is little that our bespoke online forms and workflow software cannot build.

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