Choosing the Right Workflow Automation Tool for Your Business

Where workflow automation is concerned, there’s no time to stand still. Workflow automation tools have become increasingly popular in recent years, with an estimated 67 percent of companies using the technology to automate their everyday routine tasks. However, choosing the best workflow automation tool for your business is critical to deliver a healthy return on investment and transform your workflows, whereas a poor choice could hinder decision-making and collaboration, resulting in lost time and decreased productivity.

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In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right workflow automation tool for your business, and how Claromentis e-forms and workflow portal can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Choosing a Workflow Automation Tool: what could go wrong?

When choosing a workflow automation tool, it’s critical to evaluate your business’s needs. You’ll need to assess:

  • Existing processes and areas that could be streamlined.
  • The type of tasks that require automation, such as document routing, approvals, and data entry.
  • The desired impact on your business’s performance.
  • Your existing systems and the degree of integration that the software will need to offer.
  • Your business’s future needs to determine the importance of scalability.

Understanding your business’s needs will help you to select a workflow automation tool that is tailored to your specific requirements, and optimize its efficacy once implemented.

Selecting an unsuitable workflow automation tool could hinder workflow and affect the quality of decision-making. Software that is too complex may discourage employees from using it or increase errors. Similarly, if the software cannot be customized, it may not adapt to evolving business needs and rapidly become redundant.

Claromentis: a customizable solution that meets your business’s needs

Claromentis a customizable solution that meets your business’s needs

Claromentis e-forms and workflow portal is a workflow automation solution that can be easily customized to meet your business’s needs.

  • Features an easy-to-use no-code system and a wealth of customization options.
  • A no-code solution, so you won’t need to invest in lengthy and expensive staff training.
  • Replace outdated paper-based processes with buildable digital forms that save on space and improve efficiency.
  • Keep your daily tasks fluid with automated workflows that boost internal SLAs and save valuable employee time.
  • An intuitive workflow management system that minimizes manual data entry and improves accuracy.

Why choosing the right Workflow Automation Tool is critical for success

Why choosing the right Workflow Automation Tool is critical for success

By making the right choice of workflow automation software, what benefits can you expect to experience?

  • Enhanced efficiency

By automating repetitive tasks that typically consume many hours of your team’s time, your staff can be released to concentrate on more value-adding work that generates revenue and strengthens customer relationships. Manual tasks, when automated, will be completed more quickly, thereby increasing efficiency.

  • Increased accuracy

When humans are required to complete time-consuming and laborious tasks, the risk of error is high. Automating these will ensure that common mistakes are avoided and, where problems do occur, you’ll have the insight tools to identify the cause and make changes to prevent them from recurring.

  • Better decision-making

Automated data collection and reporting ensure that business leaders have the real-time information they need to make quick and informed decisions. This will lead to better outcomes for the business and fewer missed opportunities for growth.

  • Cost savings

The best workflow automation solutions enable staff to make better use of their time, reduce dependency on manual labor, and expose new routes for business growth. You’ll be able to reshape your workforce, cut unnecessary costs, and reinvest profits to widen your profit margins.

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